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Spearmint & Grapefruit Bar Soap

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Envision your next vacation as this lather stimulates your skin while calming the senses.


  • Creamy lather for smooth skin.
  • Promotes relaxation as you breathe in the essential oils.
  • Feel cleansed and refreshed.

112 g

Full Description

Australian spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils stimulate your skin while you breathe in the relaxing aroma. Grapefruit essential oil adds a refreshing kick to this soap bar while organic coconut oil and shea butter soften your skin. Yellow clay, natural indigo and hearty spirulina powder give this bar beautiful colours to enjoy as you mindfully cleanse your worries away. Your skin will feel like you’ve taken an exotic vacation without leaving the comforts of home.

How To Use

Wet the bar and lather in your hands prior to applying the bar to your face or body. Rinse completely before toweling off. Pat soap bar with a towel to keep dry in between uses.


*Sodium Oleate (Olive Oil)
*Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)
*Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter)
*Mentha Spicata Leaf Oil (Spearmint Essential Oil)
Citrus Racemosa Peel Oil (Grapefruit Essential Oil)
*Eucalyptus Polybractea Leaf Oil (Eucalyptus Essential Oil)
Naturalis Powder (Indigo)
Platensis Powder (Spirulina) 
French Yellow Clay (Illite)


    Bubbles & Balms Spearmint & Grapefruit Natural Bar Soap with Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, & Spearmint essential oils.
    Soap with Good smell and High Quality in Canada
    For Sensitive Skin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Laura Van Wart
    This item is a gift

    I have not given the gift to my sister yet

    Thank you for sharing our products with the people you care about, Laura! Every share helps us towards our mission of connecting 1,000,000 families with products that help them love being sensitive. Take good care!

    Over the Moon with this soap

    I ordered this as I am loving hand made soap over commercial soap hands down. I have ordered 4 different ones and will leave a review for each one I ordered after I use them. This one has me hooked for many reasons, the gold fleck is so beautiful, how it lathers is awesome and after washing my hands with it they are so soft and all the dryness is GONE .. oops and I did I mention how awesome it smells. So happy I ordered from this business

    Thank you Brenda for taking the time to provide detailed feedback on each Better Bathing bar!!

    We want every experience to be unique while remaining free of toxins and plastics for people & planet!!

    Alice Guimond
    Smells terrific!

    I love the spearmint! Will definitely be buying this again!

    Arlene Jones
    Absolutely LOVE this soap! I

    Absolutely LOVE this soap! I thought it was rather fitting - the glittery gold in there was like fire. What a good idea for this awesome fundraiser!! The combination of scents in this bar are fantastic!

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    Danielle S.
    The scent is so nice

    I love the scent.