Our Story

Hi, we're the Sweeneys!

We are the founding family behind Bubbles & Balms. Our purpose is to connect families like ours with the products and information they need to love being sensitive.

We’re working towards a future that’s #BetterEachDay for people and planet. 


Bubbles & Balms is Born

Bubbles & Balm was born in our founders, Judith and Justin’s kitchen. Judith fell in love with using raw and natural ingredients to create homemade soap bars. She was drawn to the calming experience of working with essential oil aromas. Using natural products gave Judith’s sensitive skin newfound comfort. Their cupboards bursting with soap bars, they sold their first products at a local farmers market. With sensitive skin being underrepresented in many product lines, Judith and Justin quickly found a community for their growing line of beautifully smelling products that are naturally gentle on sensitive skin. 

Now, Bubbles & Balms now produces over 70 oil-based cosmetics. Each product is still handcrafted from raw and natural ingredients. As a family-owned and operated business, a lot of our time is dedicated towards making the right decisions. From sourcing ethical and sustainable ingredients to our compostable packaging, a lot of care goes into everything we do.


Stronger Together

Since long before Bubbles & Balms, Judith and Justin have struggled with anxiety and depression. Slowing down to blend and work with essential oils to make our products has been helpful for both in that journey. Today, they credit helping our community and building Bubbles & Balms with their positive outlook on life, and what can be done by making things a little bit better each day. It’s from these experiences that our Bubbles & Balms motto #BetterEachDay was established.

“It’s important for us to help end the stigma around mental health and we try to play a part by sharing our personal experiences openly.” - Justin

Building Bubbles & Balms gave Judith and Justin a bigger purpose and a community to serve. Being part of the community has helped them grow as a business and individuals. It is the community that really helped them become the change they wanted to see in the world. 

Judith and Justin thrive working together. Together as life partners. Together with their children watching. 

“Our children fuel our passion for just a little bit better, every day. We want our children to grow up with a better planet than we had. We want to show them how to treat people with kindness.” - Judith 

We are all stronger together. The more we work together, the more doing a little bit better each day can make a big impact overall.

Judith Sweeney

Bubbles & Balms Co-Founder

Hi! Living with sensitive skin left me frustrated. I didn’t enjoy feeling like I had to choose between great smells or protecting my skin. So, I began making my own products. Experimenting with natural ingredients and essential oils that I knew my skin would appreciate. The more I talked with others, the more I realized how many people were also uncomfortable in their skincare routine and could benefit from these same products!

Growing Bubbles & Balms has been a magical and transformative experience. It’s given me the opportunity to push myself; to create something I am proud of and willing to shout about from the rooftops. I know these products are helping others feel good in their sensitive skin, and that moves me. It keeps me formulating with raw & natural ingredients, continuously pushing to see how much love, thoughtfulness and enjoyment we can put into each new formulation. My goal is to eliminate the barriers holding people back from loving the way they feel in their skin.

“Products don’t need to come wrapped in plastic. I want our products to feel as good to buy as they do on your skin. We have lived in many rural areas where glass and other materials weren’t recycled. We felt horrible throwing out glass containers, so wanted to use a packaging that was easy to dispose of no matter where you are.” - Judith 

Justin Sweeney

Bubbles & Balms Co-Founder

Bubbles & Balms has given me the life I always dreamed of. When Judith first began making soap bars, I wasn’t totally convinced that they were for me. At the time, I had no idea that the products I used each day were causing my skin reactions and harming the planet. After some convincing, I switched to Judith’s soap bars and immediately began noticing a difference. My skin didn’t feel itchy and irritated that winter. I felt smoother, more hydrated, and became a believer in the bar. 

Bubbles & Balms has given our family the ability to share our handcrafted products with thousands of families across Canada. My goal is to build up the back end of Bubbles & Balms with a profit-sharing model that creates wealth on top of living wages for single parents in New Brunswick. I watched my mother work hard to make the home work with four kids, and want to make it easier for others to make ends meet.

“I love when I can surprise a customer with our service; listen to their concerns, help solve a problem, and give them a day that’s better in general.” - Justin


How Bubbles & Balms has Evolved Since the First Bar in 2014

Bubbles & Balms has evolved from farmer’s markets, to a small chain of boutiques, to an online store as the community has grown in an ever-changing world. We have always handcrafted everything. Even our chalkboard signs at the boutiques were repurposed by Justin from barn wood. The same care that went into our physical spaces now goes into every aspect of the online Bubbles & Balms experience. From the website design to the handwritten notes included in our packages, our goal is to combine the feeling of being in that perfect local boutique with the convenience and accessibility of online shopping. No matter how our business evolves, we always remain dedicated to crafting long-lasting and great smelling natural products that are safe for sensitive skin.


Zero-waste Transition

An important part of doing a little better each day is making better choices for our planet.

It took almost three years to find the right compostable packaging for our more than 70 oil-based cosmetics. Our packaging-product combination is only possible because we maintain zero water content in our oil-based cosmetics. Any added water would degrade the soy-based inks, compostable paperboard packaging, and wood-pulp bioplastic label. Together, we can be part of the solution that our world needs. By making sure our personal care doesn’t result in more plastic in the landfills and the environment.