Our Story

Bubbles & Balms was founded in 2014 by business & life partners Judith and Justin. Together they’ve brought our company to life while following their mantra ‘better each day’ - with the personal mission to share a life that is well-lived and well-loved.

Judith, who struggled with depression, reconnected with her mother, Tracey, after having spent much time apart. The two bonded over their shared interest in learning how to handcraft natural soap bars that gently cared for their sensitive skin. Having both experienced significant improvements to their skin, they began sharing their soap bars with the community, selling small batches at the local weekend market. 

Justin struggled with depression and anxiety for most of his life and nearly lost his battle in 2011. He and Judith bonded over their shared experiences. Together, they began pursuing a journey towards health and wellness, focusing on self-care and personal growth. They each found ways to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives and developed strategies to overcome their unique personal challenges. A critical moment in time, their journey inspired them to help others do the same.

Bubbles & Balms was born with the mission to help everyone feel better about their daily routines, so they can more easily live and love their life. Though Judith and Tracey’s original soap bars have since evolved, our company’s focus on making products that are fit-for-families and use ethical ingredients remains strong. What began as a personal need for gentle daily care has since flourished into a thriving indie wellness brand with more than 80 unique natural bath and body products for people of all ages. Justin and Judith’s family has also grown, welcoming their daughter Keira in 2018 and their son Jack in 2020. 

Today, our products are handcrafted in-house at our production studio in New Brunswick. Our ingredient list has evolved, but each one is still simple, raw, and natural. We use essential oils, never fragrance, for pure aromas that are more kind to your skin. Our products are tested on friends and family (who are more than willing!) and we are proud to be a Leaping Bunny Certified brand. In 2020, we raised the bar even higher when we ditched plastics and introduced our 100% compostable packaging. 

“We are responsible for what we create and leave behind. We don’t believe that plastic packaging has any place in a mindful self-care routine or a sustainable future.” - Justin Sweeney, Co-founder, Bubbles & Balms

Beyond the products we offer, we believe in better work conditions. That’s why we pay a real living wage and tailor flexible work schedules to the lives of our team members. As a family-owned business, the next generation is at the centre of our decision-making. And they want nothing more than what is fair for all people, and the planet we stand on.

Our Values