A Gardener's Best Friend

The Gardener’s Bundle is packed with all-natural products handcrafted to soften and repair calluses, strengthen brittle nails, nourish dry and cracked skin, and soothe muscles and joints at the end of the day.

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Better Each Day: Our Promise to You

Feel confident knowing you’re doing better for your body and the environment - with gentle & natural products handcrafted with care.

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Not sure just which products are right for you and yours? Explore a variety of feel-good experiences with our thoughtfully assembled bundles.

Sweet & Earthy Bubble Trio
  • $13.35
  • $12.45
Solid Bubble Bath Bundle
  • $26.70
  • $23.95
Fresh & Floral Bubble Trio
  • $13.35
  • $12.45
Sweet & Earthy Bath Trio
  • $13.35
  • $12.45
Gardener's Bundle
  • $54.85
  • $47.95
Artisanal Bath Salts Bundle
  • $51.80
  • $49.95
Fresh & Floral Bath Trio
  • $13.35
  • $12.45
Bath Bombs Bundle
  • $26.70
  • $23.95

The Benefits of Our Oil-Based Cosmetics

Our oil-based cosmetics are free from water and fillers, making them concentrated with raw and natural ingredients that are gentle on dry and sensitive skin types. Rich in plant butters, waxes, and essential oils, our unique formulas create slow absorbing, ultra moisturizing experiences with a variety of aromas to enhance your day.

Our water-free formulations are self-preserving - so we can limit our ingredients to just the ones your skin needs. Our formulations are also kind to our paperboard packaging - enabling us to offer handcrafted zero-waste cosmetics for every-day use in any location.

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A Zero-Waste Experience

We feel good knowing that no matter where our packaging ends up, it won’t remain there.

As a company striving for #BetterEachDay, we use compostable jars and tubes made from post-consumer paper, bioplastic labels from wood pulp, and box filler that is collected and shredded from local paper waste. Our ingredients come from Nature...so we take good care of her wherever we can.

How We Care For Our Planet

Community Favourites

Just getting started? Here are some of the favourites. We’d love to help you find the perfect products for your skin!

Beat The Breakout Charcoal Soap
  • $6.50
Solid Bubble Bath
  • $4.45
Artisanal Bath Salts
  • $12.95
Timeless Night Cream
  • $23.95
Bath Bomb
  • $4.45
Hey Jude
  • $6.50
Ancient Warmth Warming Joint Rub
  • $17.95
Lavender Goat's Milk
  • $6.50

Our Story

In 2014 we began “raising the bar” selling our handmade soap bars at local farmers’ markets. Today, we continue to handcraft more than 70 oil-based cosmetics from raw and natural ingredients. Bubbles & Balms has evolved over the years while our core values have remained the same. Our purpose is to connect families with the products and information they need to love being sensitive.

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Our Values

Our values shape the way we live each day. Click on the icons below to learn more about how we’re working towards #BetterEachDay.