How to Create a Minimalist Body Care Routine That Works for You

How to Create a Minimalist Body Care Routine That Works for You

In recent years, minimalist routines have been buzzing around the internet, written about in books, and discussed over coffee. It seems many of us are craving a simplified, more gratifying way of approaching routines. Especially when considering the essentials, like daily body care. 

Keep reading to explore how you can implement a minimalist body care routine and why you’d even want to. 

But first, let’s back up. 

What is a minimalist routine?

Most people associate minimalist routines with less, and for good reason. Letting go of excess belongings and complicated 10-step routines does help us simplify and thrive. But there’s a second, more important, factor: value. 

Value is really the whole point. When creating a daily body care routine, we want to focus on products and practices that enrich our lives and that we enjoy. The extra drawer space is just a bonus! But certainly, it is not the only bonus. 

Benefits of a minimalist body care routine

Adopting a minimalist body care routine has an array of positive benefits. Let’s explore a few below.   

  1. Less clutter

When we critically evaluate the products we use, we are likely to see what serves us and what’s merely clutter. What’s more, we’re more likely to invest only in what we need, resulting in a tidier, more refreshing home and bathroom. Less clutter is also associated with positive physiological benefits!

  1. Saves money 

You may not consider personal care a large investment. However, in Canada, beauty and personal care is a multi-billion dollar industry. Choosing few but quality and effective products goes a long way in saving your well-earned money. At B&B, we understand the frustration of false promises, which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

  1. Simplifies

Creating a routine that’s more reflective of our values and needs simplifies daily body care. Not only will we feel a greater peace of mind, but we’ll also have more time and energy to focus on what’s important, like our relationships and health. 

But what exactly does a minimalist routine look like?

Daily body basics

No, don’t frantically throw everything out. I mean, you could…but I think we all like (and need!) a good shampoo bar

In actuality, creating a minimalist routine means identifying and meeting our personal needs without getting sucked into every new trend or product.

Being unique individuals, our body care needs may vary. However, there are certain essentials we all need! This list would include items that help us cleanse, exfoliate, bathe, moisturize, deodorize and condition our skin and hair, such as: 

  • Soap 
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Salves
  • Face Care

  • Beyond these needs, it’s really up to you. The key is getting intentional about what you love and want to invest in.

    Make it work for you 

    With so many products and messages on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The truth is, there’s no “right” or perfect routine. What you need is a simple, sustainable, and enjoyable routine that works for you and your skin.

    So, let’s consider the following:  

    • What products do you use and love? Starting with the basics of shampoo, deodorant, cleansers, and moisturizers is a great way to build the foundation for your minimalist body care routine.
    • Identify the practices that make you feel good in your body and mind. Do you like daily stretching, self-massage, or a luxurious bath soak? Anything counts!    
    • Learn more about the ingredients that actually benefit your body (think plant oils & plant butters). And do avoid these common cosmetic toxins. 
    • Lastly, keep it practical. Remember that the self-care practices you engage in daily should fit into your already existing schedule.  

    As you can see, creating a minimalist body care routine is about fusing essentials with your well-loved personal preferences!  

    Make it sustainable 

    As we consider our own well-being, let’s think about the wellness of our planet too. 

    Daily body care products can quickly become damaging to ecosystems. Single-use plastics, chemicals, and microbeads all take a negative toll. Do consider the environmental impact your purchases are having. 

    There are also small but mighty steps you can take, such as reducing daily water use.

    Environmental sustainability is one of our focuses here at B&B, which is why our packaging isn't only recyclable but compostable!  

    Bubbles & Balms 

    At Bubbles & Balms, our mission is to comfort today and build confidence in tomorrow. Minimalist routines (in products & ingredients) that are toxin-free and sustainable not only build the foundation for being comfortable in your sensitive skin, they help you feel more confident in the world we're shaping for future generations. 

    We formulate our products solely with pure earth-based ingredients that will nourish your hair, skin, and body. We love providing a better way to care for both people and the planet, and hope to inspire you to do the same.

    Shop our collections here! 


    - Written by Sariah Vilate 

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