Get The Most Out Of Your Bar Of Soap!

Get The Most Out Of Your Bar Of Soap!

With our sudsy sale on this week we wanted to talk about how to get the most out of your bars of soap!  Being artisan and all natural has its benefits! Not only are you getting some aromatherapy out of every single use of your bar but your skin will thank you as well. High in fat content, our soap with lather richly, clean gloriously and leave you feeling fresh and wanting more.

Enough about the wonderful benefits and uses, Kait! How do we get it to last as long as possible?! The trick to keeping your bar fresh and preserved is keeping it DRY! After each use of your soap, you’re going to want to make sure it has the opportunity to fully dry. You can accomplish this with one of our lovely soap dishes specifically designed to allow drainage of excess water. Placing your soap balanced on its side also allows for the water to better evaporate. 

Unlike commercial brands of soap that are made with artificial and chemical ingredients, our all natural soaps are going to gel and lose their shape if allowed to sit moistly.
We suggest having 2-3 bars of soap on the go at all times! So they can properly harden after each use.

While our soaps don’t have an expiry date, we suggest using yours up in approximately 6 months to a year.
Why you might ask? Although they will not ‘Spoil’ our  handcrafted soaps are made using all natural ingredients. Meaning the essential oils (all natural fragrances) will start to fade as well as the bold colors you see in some bars.
Store your unused and dry bars in a cool dark place.

LIFEHACK!!! - Store them in your linen closet to lightly scent your linens!

Keep them bubbly longer & smelling great, friends!

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