5 Ways to Save Your Hands from Drying Out When Washing & Sanitizing

5 Ways to Save Your Hands from Drying Out When Washing & Sanitizing

"Is there really such a thing as overwashing? Should I use handwash, soap, or sanitizer? How do I keep my hands from itchy dryness this winter?"... These are some of the quesitons that run through our minds when striving for healthy & clean hands. 

More than ever, we have a need for regular handwashing, sterilizing with disinfectant, and our household cleanings. Keeping up on these tasks can easily lead you towards a path of raw, painful, cracked, and occasionally bleeding hands. Painful hands make everything more difficult, and this is what so many of our essential front-line and healthcare workers are facing today.

So, we are going to lay out the top 5 ways the B&B team ensures our hands stay healthy and happy during all this washing and sanitizing;

1. Only Sanitize When Washing Isn't Possible;

Sanitizers are around 70% alcohol based in order to be effective. That alcohol content is very drying. We wash with natural soap whenever possible to avoid the drying effects of this alcohol content. Our Better Bathing bars are loaded with natural ingredients that provide a deep & moisterizing lather!

2. Reach For Natural Soap Over Handwash;

Not all soap is 'soap.' Actually, most liquid soaps are detergent-based synthetics. Which is why they must be labelled as handwash/bodywash, because it's not real soap! These detergent-based washes can overtime dry out your skin, because they strip the good and bad oils without replacing any sort of protective barrier- unlike a natural soap bar. If you are used to prefering liquid soaps, we recommend a bar with added glycerin, as this simple ingredient has amazing moisture-retaining humectants! Luckly all of our Better Bathing bars include this hydrating ingredient.

3. Moisturize After Washing; 

Using moisturizer with 3 minutes after washing (while warm and damp) to allow for a deep penetration to help soften and retain moisture to stiff & cracked  So for everyone suffering out there, we recommend our slow-to-absorb Calendula Salve

4. Wear Gloves while Cleaning;

If there is a detergent or disinfectant involved, you better reach for your reusable rubber gloves. Using these gloves while doing dishes, wiping down the car interior or even scrubbing floors will help save your hands from harsh products that would otherwise strip them further. From one family, to yours, trust us on this one!

5. Stay Warm and Pat Dry;

Hot water will dry out skin, and cold water simply doesn't get the job done. So handwashing with lukewarm water is the best tempurature to approach washing with. After washing- pat dry rather than rubbing! It doesn't sound like a huge difference, but this will reduce irritation and help your sensitive skin retain that mositure!

Following these Better Bathing tips will help you stay healthy, happy and blessed with soft and smooth hands for years to come. Feel free to share what natural tips YOU have for keeping moisturized in the comments below!

Published by: Justin Sweeney
Edited by: Chloé Burton, 2021-01-24, to ensure up-to-date information and resources. 

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