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Cucumber Mint Bar Soap

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112 g

Soothe irritated skin as the minty cool lather provides conditioning relief and releases a sense of calm to the air.


  • Calm irritated skin with soothing cucumber extract. 
  • Refreshed and radiant looking skin.
  • Soften and smooth skin appearance.
Full Description

Experience a soothing cool sensation when you apply the lather from the Cucumber Mint soap bar. This soap is ideal for an early morning pick-me-up or to ease irritated skin. The cucumber leaves your skin feeling revitalized and toned. Organic & fair trade peppermint essential oil relieves and soothes your skin while providing you with an added sense of calm with each inhale. Organic & fair trade coconut oil and shea butter offer deep conditioning to promote a hydrated skin appearance.

Best for: Normal or irritated skin.

How To Use

Wet the bar and lather in your hands prior to applying the bar to your face or body. Rinse completely before toweling off. Pat soap bar with a towel to keep dry in between uses.


*Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil)
*Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)
*Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter)
Sodium Castorate (Castor Oil)
*Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil)
Cucumis Sativus Peel Extract (Cucumber Peel Extract)
Naturalis Powder (Indigo)


    Bubbles & Balms Natural Cucumber Mint Bar Soap for Sensitive Skin Types
    Bubbles & Balms Natural Bar Soaps Being Packed Iinto a Shipping Box Along With Other Daily Care Products for sensitive skin and salves for eczema.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Edward Ortiz
    Refreshing smell with a hint of cooling effect

    This is my first time buying the cucumber mint (i usually go for lavender); however, I really enjoyed this because of the refreshing smell and I use it in the mornings to perk me up with the cooling after effect.

    Hey Edward! Thanks for this great review of our Cucumber Mint bar soap :) The fresh peppermint is such a welcome addition to any summertime bathing routing, we're happy to here it's found a happy home with you!

    Great scent

    I love this scent, its pretty strong on the bar but just right on the skin. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed not dried out, the perfect thing for me in the spring and fall.

    Thank you for a lovely review of our Cucumber Mint A!
    Each bar has more fatty oils than what can be turned into soap in each batch, helping to create a bar that is less drying than most...but still just as sweet-smelling and effective. Thanks for sharing and take good care <3

    Margo Emrich

    Cucumber Mint

    Bonnie Lymer
    Fresh scent

    I have not used this product, but am looking forward to tomorrow morning when I try it for the first time. I'm sure it will be every bit as good as its scent.

    Claudia N.
    Great soap

    Smells fresh
    Natural ingredients :+1: