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By The Bay Bar Soap

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Get beautifully soft skin with the natural essence of the Bay of Fundy leaving you feeling replenished and cleansed.


  • Feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • Experience softer skin.
  • Help soothe your mind and enhance your overall wellness.

112 g

Full Description

Be inspired by beach days by the Bay of Fundy as you lather this soap bar and allow the aromas of bay laurel and organic sweet orange to wash over you. These natural essential oils soothe your mind and help you to relax. Organic & fair trade coconut oil and shea butter add moisture to the bar while castor seed oil helps to remove dirt and excess oils. The star of this uplifting soap bar is the poppy seeds. They softly exfoliate your skin, leaving you beautifully smooth and touchably soft.

Best for: All skin types.

How To Use

Wet the bar and lather in your hands prior to applying the bar to your face or body. Rinse completely before toweling off. Pat soap bar with a towel to keep dry in between uses.


*Sodium Oleate (Olive Oil)
*Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)
*Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter)
*Sodium Castorate (Castor Oil)
Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil (Bay Laurel Essential Oil)
*Citrus Sinensis Peel Oil (Sweet Orange Essential Oil)
Papaver Somniferum (Poppy Seeds)
Naturalis Powder (Indigo)

    By the Bay Natural Soap Bar With Poppy Seed Exfoliant Bubbles & Balms in New Brunswick
    Gift Soap Bar 100% Natural Bubbles and Balms in Canada
    For Sensitive Skin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Out darned grease and grime spot!!

    If you have guys who tend to come into the house and wash their greasy hands only to leave most of it on the towels afterwards you will be so happy you have found this soap. And it smells amazing!! Another great product!

    Hi Shannon and thank you for this great testimonial to how hard-working our By the Bay bar soap is! We're happy to hear that it's keeping your towels cleans and hands happy :)
    Take good care!

    Melissa Frank

    I have psoriasis and find it gentle on my skin and dry patches. Smells great and lathers well.

    Thank you for this great review of our By the Bay bar soap, Melissa! We are happy to know it is working so well in your bathing routine
    Take good care!

    Nic Henderson
    Great scent

    One of my favorite soaps in the lineup.

    Thank you for being amazing Nic and leaving this great review for our By the Bay! As a fan favourite, it has a permanent spot in our lineup :)

    Dani Foglein
    Down by the bay

    By the bay is absolutely fantastic. If youre in need of something coarse enough to reduce dry skin flakes while moisturizing this is it.

    We couldn't agree more Dani! We love the poppy seeds as a natural exfoliant to help buff away dry skin while cleansing and we're so happy our bar formulation is supporting your healthy oils and moisture barrier <3

    Brenda Blocha
    The Perfect Soap

    I was not sure what to expect from this soap .. but love it .. does not disappoint in the least..

    Thank you Brenda!! The exfoliating poppy seeds make it a great bar for anyone looking to smooth and soften dry skin or rough patches on elbows and heels :)