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Rosehip & Lavender Shampoo Bar

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Care for dry to balanced scalp and roots with the gentle cleansers found in this zero-waste shampoo bar.


  • Repair the look & feel of your hair with natural antioxidants.
  • Wash with gentle, soap-free, cleansers from coconuts.
  • Enjoy the subtle aroma of essential oils selected for dry, sensitive scalps.
  • Ditch the plastic with an easy to identify zero-waste bar.

75 g

Full Description

Enjoy 60-90 washes per pH balanced shampoo bar. A blend of gentle cleansers work together to clean the scalp and roots of excess oils while soft, floral aromas soothe your worries. This colour-safe shampoo bar is an easy to grip alternative to the plastic-bottles of your old routine.

Free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservatives, gluten, and phthlates, this cruelty-free bar is the perfect fit for homes with multiple sensitivities.

Best for: Dry/Flaky/Itchy Scalp & Dry Roots

How To Use

Wet hair. Lather shampoo bar in your hands. Once you have a thick lather, set bar down and massage the lather over your scalp and roots, working towards the tips. Massage scalp while rinsing for a thorough rinse. For best results, follow up with one of our conditioner bars.

Get the most out of this shampoo bar by patting dry with a clean cloth or towel and storing away from water while not in use.


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: Coconut derived cleanser
Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSa): Coconut derived cleanser
Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Coconut derived cleanser
Cetyl Alcohol: Certified Sustainable Palm derived fatty alcohol that moisturizes the scalp & hair
Citric Acid: Ensures pH balance and the maintenance of a healthy scalp
Organic Cocoa Butter: Gives a rich, creamy texture that nourishes the scalp & hair
Essential Oils: Copaiba Balsam, Organic Lavender
Pink Clay: Gives a natural pink colour to the bar; aids in gentle cleansing
Rosehip Oil: Encourages growth & shine due to its high, naturally occurring content of linoleic acid
Rosemary Extract: (antioxidant): Helps keep the raw ingredients fresh
Geogard: Natural preservative

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Bubbles & Balms Rosehip & Lavender Shampoo Bar for Sensitive Scalps With and Without Label in Production Studio in Hampton, New Brunswick
Bubbles and Balms Rosehip & Lavender Shampoo Bars
Bubbles & Balms zero-waste rosehip and lavender shampoo bar with a big lather
Rosehip and Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Bars in NB
Shampoo and Conditioner Bars in Canada
For Sensitive Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Love the products!

I’ve been using Bubbles&Balms’ shampoo and conditioner bar for over a month. I’m very pleased with the results. I have hard water and the shampoo bar does not leave waxy residue. I use a diluted vinegar wash once a week after the shampoo bar and it makes my hair feel smooth and healthy. I’m surprised at how well the conditioner bar works. My hair feels soft and silky after using it, and the smell is pleasant! I made the switch to bars earlier this year. After trial and error and trying different bars, Bubbles&Balms are my favorite so far.

Thanks WT for this great share of your hair care journey! It's awesome to know that we've helped you end the search for shampoo and conditioner bars that would work well with your hard water. Thanks for raising the bar with Bubbles & Balms, WT!

Loved it

The smell is very pleasant but not overpowering, which is ideal if you have a sensitive nose. Works great with my wavy hair and hard water in our area (many shampoos leave my hair feeling greasy, but this one doesn't!). My hair feels nice and soft too. Hits every box for me, which is honestly so rare. I'm very happy with the shampoo and will totally buy again.

Thanks VK for your 5-star review of our shampoo bars! We're so happy we could help you hit all your natural hair goals and get past shampoos that didn't rinse well and hard water concerns! Thanks for raising the bar with Bubbles & Balms, VK!!

Linda Flock

I haven’t got my order yet
Linda Flock

Hi Linda!
Thanks for letting us know and happy we were able to connect and create a solution. We're happy to hear you're enjoying all the B&B products you've been able to try to date!
Take good care :)

Marilyn Hughes
Shampoo Bar

I didn't think that I would like the rosehip and lavender bar as much as I loved the honey shampoo bar. I find that I really love both of them. They do feel different though. The honey bar made my hair and scalp squeak and the rosehip doesn't do that. But I do find that they both moisturize beautifully, and both smell divine. I will definitely continue to use the rosehip and lavendar bar.

Thanks, Marilyn, for leaving this detailed review! We pride ourselves on making the best-smelling daily care products for dry & sensitive skin. The Rosehip & Lavender Shampoo Bar will be a gentle and long-lasting friend for your scalp and roots :)
Take good care!

MIke B.
Thanks Hitch from Twitch

I saw ya'll pick up Trevor, who was hitchhiking live on Twitch awhile back. I was thinking of trying your products, but was very hesitant because of other experiences with other places. I finally made the leap and bought the rosehip shampoo bar, a body soap, and a body butter. Oof, I should of bought this stuff a long time ago. I use the shampoo bar, then after the shower I get a little of the body butter and get my hands wet, then massage it into my hair. The special expensive shampoo I was using couldn't even help with my scalp.. But after using your stuff, my scalp and hair is smooth, no itching, flaking, and dryness. I actually just bought some deodorant from ya'll too, and if all works out I'll be throwing the old spice I have out. So thank ya'll for dedicating a major portion of ya'lls time into creating such a wonderful product line for everyone to experience and gain relief from.

Hey Michael! We LOVE that we were connected by our time helping Hitch get a little further down the road! That was such a fund experience, and we're so thankful we had the chance to meet Trevor and his community.
Thank you for popping by the site with this AMAZING review of your experiences with our Rosehip & Lavender Shampoo Bar and other products. There's enough things in the world that can make us feel uncomfortable...we don't need our personal care routines triggering our skin as well! Thanks again, Michael, and we're really happy our work has helped you find more comfort and confidence in your skin. Take good care!