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Bath Bomb Bundle

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Find a peaceful moment as you sink into a warm bath with the aroma of pure essential oils from our natural bath bombs filling the air.


  • Reduce stress with citrus, cedar, lemongrass, and benzoin essential oils.
  • Feel relaxed in body and mind as you float away tension.  
  • Tone and soften your skin with cocoa powder, red clay, and platensis powder.
  • Create a regular wellness routine to help improve your overall sense of wellbeing.
Full Description

This bundle includes all 6 of our bath bombs, each with its own unique blend of essential oils and clays. Whether you need to immerse yourself in the restful calm of lavender essential oil, keep grogginess at bay with the help of eucalyptus essential oil, or be enveloped with deep stress relief from cedar and lemongrass essential oils, you’ll find bathing bliss with our Bath Bombs.

All our bath bombs are handcrafted in Canada with good care.

How To Use

Fill your bathtub with lukewarm to warm water. Lower the bath bomb into the water; close your eyes as you listen to the slow fizz, and enjoy the first hints of aroma. Lie back as you breathe deeply and enjoy this chance to unwind and care for body and mind.

Once done bathing, stand and massage skin lightly prior to patting dry. To get the best results for dry skin, follow up with an oil-based moisturizer, salve or balm to lock in hydration.

Save our shipping box to store the products and keep your bath bombs fresh and dry.

    Bubbles & Balms natural bath bomb bundle for dry & sensitive skin, including eczema
    Bubbles & Balms Bath Bomb Bundle by Outdoor Clawfoot Tub
    Bubbles & Balms Lavender Bath Bomb Being Packed For Canada-Wide Shipping
    Bubbles & Balms natural bath bomb bundle for dry & sensitive skin, including eczema and psoriasis, stacked on top of each other near Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
    Cedar and Lemongrass Bath Bomb Bubbles and Balms
    Cough be Gone Bath Bomb Bubbles and Balms
    Lavender Bath Bomb Bubbles and Balms
    Spa Day Bath Bomb Bubbles and Balms
    Sweet Citrus Bath Bomb Bubbles and Balms
    London Fog Bath Bomb Bubbles and Balms

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Stephanie Rackley-Roach

    Bath Bomb Bundle

    Thank you for popping by the site to leave this awesome 5-star review of our Bath Bomb Bundle, Stephanie!!

    Erin Morrison
    Love them

    Great scents, lots of fizz and very soothing on the skin. I don't want a bath without one!

    Hi Erin! This is great to read. We reformulated our Bath Bombs in fall of 2022 to make that long lasting fizz and agree that it was well worth the effort! Thanks for letting us know they left you feeling comfortable in soothed skin :)
    Tale good care!

    Candice Dewar
    You guys rock!!!!

    Everything you guys make is incredible. Hey Jude is my absolute favorite, the deodorants are so gentle on the skin, the bathbombs are amazing and smell so good. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

    Thank you, Candice, for rocking our day with this amazing review <3
    We make each product to be a delightful fit for dry & sensitive skin so you can smell good, feel good, and do a little good while you're at it...that's a pretty productive personal care routine! ;)
    Thanks again Candice and take good care!

    Shelley Jones
    Something for every soak...

    These bath bombs make each soak a spa-like experience with scents and ingredients that have you feeling relaxed, and refreshed while gently conditioning and moisturizing your skin. The bundle is a great way to sample all of the available formulations, the hardest part is picking which one to use as you climb into the tub :)

    Shelley, we should hire you for doing copywriting!! What a wonderful review. We honestly couldn't describe our Bath Bomb Bundle any more accurately and lovingly than you have here. Thank you for the great review and for bathing in the natural luxury of Bubbles & Balms!

    Brenda Kuhl
    Best Bath Bombs ever!!

    I have been using these bath bombs for a number of years, my skin hasn’t felt better then it does now.

    Hey Brenda! Thank you for this amazing vote of confidence in our bath bombs ☺️

    We're so glad our long-lasting and fizzy bath bombs have been helping your skin stay soft, smooth and aromatic!

    Thanks for sharing and take good care!