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Lip Balm Bundle

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60 g

Now you can get the smooth moisturizing effects from all your favourite lips balms in one convenient bundle.


  • Soothe dry and cracked lips. 
  • Add benefits of essential oils to your lips. 
  • Protect your lips with candelilla wax.
  • Convenient zero-waste tubes.
What's In The Bundle?

1 x Elixir
1 x Pink Lemonade
1 x Strawberry Lime
1 x Vanilla Chill

Full Description

Treat yourself to all four of our natural lip balms in this convenient bundle. Each lip balm is specially formulated to give you silky smooth lips with lightweight moisture. Bring your lip balm everywhere you go with the convenient zero-waste tubes.

Elixir is our fortifying lip balm with tea tree and frankincense essential oils to protect your lips through every season. Pink Lemonade is a citrus essential oil infused invigorating lip balm that locks in your lips natural moisture. Strawberry Lime is the perfect finishing touch to any skin-care routine. Vanilla Chill soothes chapped lips with benzion and peppermint essential oils. Add wellness to your lips with all our natural lip balms.

How To Use

Remove cap and push-up from the bottom of the 100% compostable tube. Apply to lips as desired. Push down or tap bottom of lip balm tube on firm surface before replacing cap.

All our lip balms come in zero waste tubes and can be put in your compost when the tube is empty.

    Collection of Bubbles & Balms 4 Vegan lip balms for dry & sensitive skin on a wooden table.
    Bubbles & Balms Vanilla Mint Zero-Waste Compostable lip balm
    Bubbles & Balms Strawberry Lime lip balm in compostable tube.
    Woman getting ready to apply Bubble & Balms strawberry lime, vegan lip balm
    Woman pushing vegan lip balm up from bottom of compostable, zero-waste tube.
    Woman pushing Bubbles & Balms lip balm up from bottom to apply to dry & sensitive lips.
    Woman applying Bubbles & Balms&
    Woman applying Bubbles & Balms vegan lip balm for dry & sensitive lips.

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