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Artisanal Bath Salts Bundle

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Soothe tension and soften rough and flaky patches with mineral soaks in four aromas made from pure essential oils...


  • Soothe irritation or itch from dry and flakey skin with the gentle exfoliation of natural salt minerals.
  • Feel softer to the touch as bathing with epsom salts benefits your skin with magnesium.
  • Feel cleansed after Pink Himalayan & Dead Sea minerals help to balance skin oils.
  • Set all the moods in your natural bathing routine with each of our 5 aromatiic varieties, including limited edition Cinnamon, Orange, & Clove for the fall season.
What's In The Bundle?

1 x Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sage, & Thyme
1 x Wintergreen & Lavender
1 x Lavender
1 x Spa Day

Full Description

Bathing with epsom salts benefits the skin and more with our addition of Pink Himalayan & Dead Sea minerals. Pure essential oils create bath salts in bath-enhancing aromas that set all the moods! *Not zero-waste packaging

Artisanal bath salts in bath water that is warm to lukewarm can be a great addition to any tension-relieving bath routine. Soaking in epsom salts for bath tubs has long been used to aid sore muscles. The addition of Pink Himalayan & Dead Sea salts introduces sodium, potassium, and other essential minerals. Dendritic Salt ensures bathing with epsom salts benefits the skin and mind by retaining freshness and reducing clumping with the pure essential oils.

Our bath salts in bath water can create comfort with Wintergreen & Lavender. Help your body ease stress and find calm with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme. Promote clarity and rejuvenation with Spa Day. Or drift off to a sound night sleep with Lavender.

This restorative Bath Salt Bundle enhances the epsom salts for bath tubs experience with the ingredients needed to help emerge from each bath as your softest and best self. Bathing with epsom salts benefits us, and we've made that experience even better so you can get the most out of your natural bathing routine.

These salts come in a resealable bag, which ensures that the bath salts in bath tubs in your home are as fresh as possible, and is also the last remaining piece of single-use packaging that we use. It is going to be replaced with a zero-waste option, but we are using up this current supply so we don't see them go to waste!

All Bubbles & Balms products are handcrafted at our studio in New Brunswick, Canada.

How To Use

½ to 1 cup of bath salts in bath water that is warm to lukewarm is perfect. Bathing with epsom salts benefits the body through magnesium. To increase the amount of magnesium in your bath, increase to 2 cups or include a cup of plain, epsom bath salts in bath time.

Lie back and enjoy how bathing with epsom salts benefits the body, artisanal salts benefit the skin, and pure and mainly organic essential oils benefit the mind.

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Bubbles & Balms Artisanal Bath Salts with Pink Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom Salts and Pure Essential Oils For Soothing Tension and Softening Skin
Bubbles & Balms bath salts in hand in tub
Bubbles & Balms Bath Salts Near Outdoor Garden Tub
Bubbles & Balms bath salts being poured into ourdoor garden tub
Bubbles & Balms Artisanal bath salts being filled

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