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About: Citrus aurantifolia swingle is a small, fruit-bearing, evergreen tree. The oil pressed from the peel has an uplifting citrus aroma similar to the fruit.

Additional Info:

  • Latin Binomial; Citrus aurantifolia swingle
  • Country of Origin; Mexico
  • Traditional Uses; Acne, anaemia, brittle nails, boils, chilblains, corns, cuts, greasy skin, herpes, insect bites, mouth ulcers, spots, varicose veins, warts, arthritis, cellulite, hypertension, nosebleeds, obesity (congestion), poor circulation, rheumatism, asthma, throat infections, bronchitis, catarrh, dyspepsia, colds, flu, fever, infections
  • Method of Production; cold expression of the fruit peel
  • Perfume Note; top
  • Safety; phototoxic, avoid UV exposure following topical use; moderate need for dilution prior to topical application  
  • 10ml
How to Use:

Diffusing: Add 5-10 drops to your diffuser.

Topical Use, Bathing & Massage: Add 2-5 drops to 10ml of carrier oil and place in warm bath water or massage into skin.

Facial Steam: Add 2-5 drops to a bowl of steaming water and inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes. For best results, cover your head and the bowl with a towel to trap steam.