The Better Bathing Initiative


Bathing is an activity that connects us all.

We want to tap into that unique common thread and encourage a new approach to bathing. One that celebrates the occasion as a regular opportunity to practice reflection, positivity, hope, connection to nature, and a zero-waste lifestyle that our children can be proud of.

We hope that this shift will help us all to find more mindfulness in our days, and that this mindfulness will result in better decisions and lifestyles extending far beyond the bar.

This is our Better Bathing Initiative.

A series of achievable steps that we believe will help us to grow an impactful community of Canadians who will mutually support one another to greater individual heights around a shared belief that the little things we do every day can make massive personal and community change. 

This is what we hope to achieve over the next decade;

build an effective and simple Daily-Care catalogue for all skin types
introduce zero-waste packaging that simplifies and reduces waste management in the home
convert or phase out remaining recyclable products until 100% zero-waste across our catalogue
establish a portion of sales to be directed to reforestation to offset carbon and raw materials used in packaging
create an impact measurement system so our community can share in the pride of positive environmental impact
connect our community to one another in ways that help to share experiences as learning and support opportunities
localize more of our value chain
hire barriered employees for tailored manual production or packaging roles and provide living wages
convert company into wholly employee-owned through a share ownership model
grow to be the largest employee-owned provider of zero-waste solutions for self and home care in Canada
2030 and Beyond