Zero-Waste Packaging

Plastic-Free & Compostable

We believe that our packaging is our responsibility, not yours.

So we owned that responsibility.

Our lip balms, tubes and jars are made of 100% recycled paperboard. It is lined with a vegetable wax that acts as a barrier between the outer walls and the product inside. If unsoiled, you can toss it in your recycling, and if soiled, it can go into your home or municipal compost.

The label is a bioplastic made from wood pulp. It is printed upon with soy-based inks and is compatible with both the recycling or composting disposal option. Both the label and adhesive are certified compostable in compliance with international standard ASTM D6868.

Why do we believe in compostable packaging?

  • Canadians throw away over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, with only 9% being recycled (Source). If we know better, let's do better.
  • Canadian recycling systems are struggling. Glass is often turned away, or buried. While infinitely recyclable, the costs to manage glass recycling and finding a market for recovered glass are simply too much to overcome across most of Canada (Source).
  • 23% of our landfill capacity and waste management resources are being chewed up by food waste (Source). We believe this is completely avoidable, and want to help our community own this responsibility in their own home.