About Bubbles & Balms

We have evolved from our toxin-free origins to being a leader in the use of minimal, zero-waste packaging. Our compostable jars and tubes can be disposed of with your apple cores and banana peels, and guarantee that wherever the product may end up, it will be a burden to our planet. From the earth, to your skin, and back again. No synthetics. No microplastics. No landfills.

We have never tested on animals, craft our products with essential oils or scentless | never fragrance, use natural minerals and clays to colour our products | never mica or glitter, and use biodegradable exfoliants | never microplastics. We hire unemployed or underemployed women (predominantly mothers) and pay each a living wage. We are guided by values in the decisions we make each day. 


To empower Canadians with a zero-waste daily-care routine they will love.


Life as a stable certainty.


Family, Nature, Serving Others, Artistry, Transparency, Community