About Bubbles & Balms

We have evolved from our toxin-free origins to being a leader in the use of minimal, zero-waste packaging. Our compostable jars and tubes can be disposed of with your apple cores and banana peels, and guarantee that wherever the product may end up, it will be a burden to our planet. From the earth, to your skin, and back again. No synthetics. No microplastics. No landfills.

We have never tested on animals, craft our products with essential oils or scentless | never fragrance, use natural minerals and clays to colour our products | never mica or glitter, and use biodegradable exfoliants | never microplastics. We hire unemployed or underemployed women (predominantly mothers) and pay each a living wage. We are guided by values in the decisions we make each day. 


To empower Canadians with a zero-waste daily-care routine they will love.


Life as a stable certainty.


Family, Nature, Serving Others, Artistry, Transparency, Community


Our Team


bubblesandbalms- Judith Sweeney

Judith - Founding Partner | Products 

Meet the face of our team! Judith is the curator and creator of our products (the mad scientist), she pours her heart and soul into her handiwork and the end results is nothing less than a thing of beauty.

Her creation “Hey Jude” soap is modelled after her love of soap, patchouli essential oil and the colors truly reflect her personality.

Justin - Founding Partner | Operations

Justin focuses on everything behind the scenes, ensuring B&B runs smoothly and efficiently and continues to grow. He also lends his nose to creating our aromatic blends and his handiwork to building our displays.

“I am all about the soaps, deodorants and beard care. As long as it isn't Licorice, I'm in!”

bubblesandbalms- kate

Kate-Self Care Enthusiast & Marketing Manager

Say Hello to our Bubbler Kate! Locally known as artist & designer K8 Creative, Kate fell in love with the B&B brand and all of our products. Managing marketing  by making our brand stand out.

“I LOVE my Bubbles & Balms! I can pronounce every ingredient, but now that my complexion is perfectly clear, I won’t use any other skin care products EVER! Hooked! My fav is the beat the breakout line.

bubblesandbalms- chloe

Chloe - Assistant Production Manager

Originally joined our team for her Co-Op placement program. Chloe stayed for her love of B&B and its products. Chloe has been working alongside Judith and has learned the ropes in the creation process and excels in the making and marketing of our products! Her enthusiasm is very contagious to all those around her.

“I really love the lemongrass floral water and Australian Breeze soap because they’re so refreshing and uplifting.

bubblesandbalms- paully d

Paully D - Website and Design Guy

Local design guru Paully D, brings flair and razzle dazzle to our site, as well his backend coding skills have made our website what it is today. 

He loves Bubbles & Balms  because it produces high quality local products with a strong environmental concern. 

Paully's favorite product  is Siren. "It leaves my hair feeling amazing. Never used a shampoo or shampoo bar that is so great. "