Our Team

Founded by Judith & Justin in 2014, our small, but mighty, team champions the Better Bathing mission while counltess others support us across web design, videography, marketing, environmental assessment, and more. Thank You. All of You. 

Founding Partner of Bubbles & Balms, Judith Sweeney

Judith - Founding Partner | Products 

Meet the face of our team! Judith is the curator and creator of our products (the master soaper). She has poured her heart and soul into her creations since 2014 when she wanted a better options for her sensitive skin.

"I wanted simple daily-care products that made my sensitive skin feel like a priority and not an afterthought."

Founding Partner of Bubbles & Balms, Justin Sweeney

Justin - Founding Partner | Operations

Justin focuses on everything behind the scenes, ensuring B&B runs smoothly and efficiently and continues to grow. He is passionate about leaving things better than how he found them and taking a hard line on what he believes in.

“Daily acts can become impactful habits that set you up to make good decisions when it counts.”

Our Creative Guru

Kate - Creative Guru

Locally known as artist & designer K8 Creative, Kate fell in love with the natural vibe of B&B. Now, she beautifies the brand by leading our photography and graphic design work. 

Our Community Builder

Chloé - Community Builder

Chloé joined our team for her Co-Op placement and has been with us ever since. She's dabbled in all areas, but spends her time focused on communicating to and growing our BnB Community.