Our Journey And Our Why

In 2014...we needed a lovable soap...

We were a little fed up with off-the-shelf products. We had eczema, a sensitivity to fragrance, irritated and sometimes swollen underarms, and a dry 'winter' itch that got worse each year. Companies offered unscented versions of a product, but no one placed our needs front and centre in their design process.

...we wanted our sensitive skin to be a priority, not an afterthought.

We'd had luck with some natural bars, but consistency in quality and access was a challenge. We took this problem into our own hands and researched how to make soap. We actually started with a library trip and checked out the old school soap-making books. We didn't know it, but a life-changing journey had begun.

We weren't the only ones...

We had fallen in love with the creative process and how the soaps made our skin feel. We shared the different bars with our community. The reception was overwhelming! We felt at home working with families who had sensitive skin (a much bigger minority that you would think) and we found purpose in helping them fall in love with their Daily-Care again.

...so we got experimental, and created more than soap!

We used simple ingredients and essential oils. We never tested on animals and we created from a small storefront in Claresholm, Alberta. We chose environmental options when they were available, but there was very little available to indie brands at that time. 

In 2018, little ones made our planet more of a priority for us...

Keira was born in January of 2018 and Jack in July of 2020. These two make us look away from serving our community at times, and think about serving the future. We don't always know how to get started, but all we think is;

just start, and don't stop 

We know that if we start, we'll make plenty of mistakes, but will grow along the way. That is the beautiful part about reaching for better. You can start from wherever you are and push things forward one beautiful step at a time. So, we started.

...we tried to go zero-waste in 2018, and failed...

We started to solve for our packaging, and once we knew there was zero-waste, we wanted it. Failing to make the switch in 2018 really bothered us. As consumers and product creators, we were frustrated that zero-waste packaging was mostly unavailable and entirely unaffordable. We wanted to take responsibility for the full life-cycle of our products, and with plastic or glass, we could never be sure that the packaging wouldn't become a burden to the environment. 

...but tried again in 2020, and succeeded!

Made of 100% post-consumer material, and being fully compostable and biodegradable, we found our guaranteed zero-waste solution. It took 8 manufacturers, three countries, a paper products association, and countless packaging distributors, but we finally found the right firms that wanted to change the world of consumer products with their packaging and labels.

Here's to seeing where 'Better' will take us next,

We can all pursue a little Better everyday. We can reach past the plastic bottle and grab the shampoo bar. We can reach past the petrochemicals and moisturize with raw organic ingredients that leave us feeling good and looking healthy. We can compost our deodorant tubes and reduce the plastic and glass in landfills. We can all make reaching for Better our natural response in life by practicing it everyday. Our purpose is to help you create better Daily-Care routines that empower you to do good in the world.

- Judith & Justin Sweeney

Judith & Justin in the Garden Tub