We sincerely hope that our products are transparent enough that the following questions are the kind that you get to spend your time wondering about. However, if we've left you curious about anything, please do contact us so we can update the information we have on our Facebook page and website to ensure everyone can access it.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, not necessarily asked of us, but just in general. We do not guarantee that any of the answers we provide are even remotely close to fact. 

A) Was the moon landing real?

  • This is a great question and thank you for asking. Justin would like to believe that the moon landing was in fact filmed in a studio in Colorado and directed by Stanley Kubrick. If anyone could have pulled it off, it would have been him. With one watch of 2001, it is completely evident that he had the foresight and ingenuity to create a masterfully faked moon landing. While this is what Justin would like to believe, we're both pretty sure it really happened.

B) Why is the sky blue?

  • Ahhhh the age old question of why is the sky blue. Some might say that it is because air molecules scatter more blue light from the sun than red. Judith firmly believes it's because a blue sky is pretty and anything else would totally freak everyone out at this point.

C) Where do babies come from?

  • Of all the websites on the internet, this is the least likely to answer that question for you. Moving on!

D) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  • 711 pounds so long as the size of the wood was manageable and it wasn't a civic holiday.

E) What are stars made of?

  • Stars are quite obviously planets that are inhabited entirely by fireflies. They are active at night and sleep during the day. This is why we don't see them during day time. The reason that some stars are brighter than others is because some of them are having a population crisis that we may want to follow to see how they cope with it. This could be valuable information for future generations here on Earth.

F) Is there life other than us in the universe?

  • This is a silly follow up given our response to the last question. In short, yes, there is life in the universe other than us. They are fireflies and they have taken over every visible planet in the sky. We must think about protecting ourselves.

G) How did Timmy and Lassie communicate?

  • There needs to be more study done in this area. It would appear to the naked eye that some form of telepathy was used and if so, why was this not a major research topic!? Person to animal telepathy would be an amazing step forward in our evolution. Imagine coming home to your dog saying 'hey what's up Justin' and then you could be like 'not much dog' and then you could watch Garfield reruns together until supper is ready. Did we mention Justin is a 31 year old child at heart?

F) What do you think happened at the end of the show 'Lost?'

  • We know exactly what happened, Justin stood up, said 'that was horrible' and went to bed.

G) Who let the dogs out?

  • Maybe if someone had researched human to animal telepathy a little more, we would finally have an answer and the Baha Men could just let it go.

H) Do you want to tell us anything about Bubbles & Balms?

  • We try to make our products as transparent as possible by including ingredient lists just about everywhere. We also have a great About Us story that covers who we are. Most important of all, we LOVE to talk with every interested person about their specific questions. We want to tailor our response to exactly what you want to know and will always make time to answer every one who reaches out to us.