Essential Oils

Essential oils are your way of controlling the aromatic experience of your life. If new, start with Lavender or Grapefruit and explore one oil at a time, coming to understand the roles and influences it can have in your day.

We recommend diffusing, but adding to the inside of toilet paper rolls, to old wax melts that have no aroma, or to your pillow are ways to easily bring oils into every room in the home. Start with a drop or two and add from there!


  • $15.95
Cinnamon Leaf
  • $10.95
Eucalyptus Blue Mallee
  • $10.95
Fir Balsam
  • $12.95



Blissful Soul
  • $25.95
Breathe Easy
  • $13.95
Hey Jude
  • $14.95
Mother Knows Best
  • $14.95