Beginners Guide to Meditation

By Autumn Grant, mother, meditation guide, and friend of Bubbles & Balms

Please enjoy this free, downloadable, guided meditation. We hope this meditation provides you with peace and clarity, while grounding you in the present moment. 

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About Autumn

Autumn is a mother, mindset coach, and meditation guide. She is the co-founder of Flo Meditation and believes mindfulness is the key to a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. 

Autumn is a graduate of the Lab of Meditation 200-hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training. She also has a combined honours degree in International Development Studies and Environment, Sustainability, and Society. Autumn is passionate about supporting others in reaching their potential. Her love for people, the planet, and community is what inspired Autumn to create Flo Meditation in 2018.

When not making the magic happen at Flo, you can find Autumn on a traveling adventure, in the kitchen, or spending time in nature, exploring with her two-year-old daughter! 

How meditation aligns with the mission and vision of Bubbles & Balms:

Bubbles & Balms is on a mission to deliver inclusive and impactful daily wellness experiences, through all-natural, safe and feel-good products; together raising the bar for People and Planet. 

All of our products are intended to offer meaningful, personal experiences that create space between ourselves and the demands of the world. Our vision is to live in a world where no one is left behind on the path towards lasting wellbeing. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with Flo Meditation to bring you this free guided meditation, as an additional tool to be used alone or paired with a Bubbles & Balms product experience, to support you on your wellness journey. 

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