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Rosehip & Lavender Conditioner Bar

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50 g

Leave plastic behind and raise the bar with this rich conditioner that repairs the look and feel of dry and brittle hair.


  • Repair the look & feel of hair with natural antioxidants.
  • Smoothe hair follicles & add shine to dry, damaged hair.
  • Get up to 90 conditions to protect hair from the elements.
  • Remove plastic from your haircare routine.
Full Description

Condition with deep moisturization with this colour-safe conditioner bar. Zero-waste and stamped to make it easy to identify when first making the switch, this conditioner bar will have you feeling good as you do good. Breathe in the light smell of natural florals as quinoa protein, rosehip oil, and organic cocoa butter repair and noursh your hair from root to tip.

Free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservatives, gluten, and phthlates, this cruelty-free bar is the perfect fit for homes with multiple sensitivities.

Best for: Dry & Brittle Hair

How To Use

Cleanse, rinse, and leave the hair wet. Massage the conditioner bar over your hair to the tips. Rinse hair while massaging scalp to ensure the product is fully rinsed from your hair.

This product does not create a lather and is very concentrated, so you can use less than you usually do. To get the longest life out of the bar, pat dry with a clean cloth and store away from water while not in use.


Cetyl Alcohol: Certified Sustainable Palm derived fatty alcohol that moisturizes the scalp & hair
BTMS-50: Rapeseed derived conditioner that reduces tangles & smoothes hair
Organic Cocoa Butter: Gives a rich, creamy texture that nourishes the scalp & hair
Citric Acid: Ensures pH balance and the maintenance of a healthy scalp
Essential Oils: Copaiba Balsam, Organic Lavender Oil
Pink Clay: Gives a natural pink colour to the bar; aids in gentle cleansing
Rosehip Oil: Helps nurture the hair shaft while maintaining lightweight and non-greasy
Rosemary Extract: (antioxidant): Helps keep the raw ingredients fresh
Quinoa Protein: Restores hydration to the hair due to its high amino acid content
Vitamin B5: Helps retain moisture in the hair and protect it from the elements
Geogard: Natural preservative

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    Bundles of Rosehip & Lavender Conditioner bars Cruelty-free
    Zero-waste Shampoo and Conditioner bar Made in Canada
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Lovely conditioner!

    The feel of this conditioner bar when I applied it was a surprise. But when my hair dried it had luxurious softness and a subtle glow.

    Thank you, Linda, for leaving this great review of our Rosehip & Lavender conditioner bar! We're so happy that it's giving you the soft, radiant hair you're looking for! The feel is a little different than liquid conditioners, but the results and plastic-free packaging make it an easy winner! Thanks for raising the bar with us!

    My hair is so healthy!

    I’ve been using the rose hip and lavender shampoo and conditioner bars for over 2 months, and I love them! My thick, curly hair is smooth and frizz-free, the scent is so pleasant, and I LOVE not throwing away any more plastic bottles!

    No more plastic bottles! We totally agree, the freed up clutter and waste is such a nice perk. We're ecstatic to hear that our Rosehip & Lavender shampoo and conditioner bars are leaving your hair confident & healthy! Thanks for sharing and take good care :)


    Rosehip & Lavender Conditioner Bar

    Thank you for raising the bar with Bubbles & Balms and leaving this great review of our Rosehip & Lavender Conditioner Bar!

    Amazing condition!

    As I wrote in my review on the shampoo bar, I was a bit skeptical after I had used shampoo and conditioner bars from a large company that basically wrecked my hair - I had to get a couple conditioning treatments at a salon to help my poor hair...
    I have thick, curly, dry, and frizzy hair, and lots of it. I even have colour in my hair as well. And this conditioner is absolutely fantastic! My colour is in tact, and my hair feels amazing! I don't even have to put much product in after since my hair already feels soft and great! Would definitely recommend.

    Yayyyy for being able to return to zero-waste hair care bars! We so appreciate you taking the time to leave a review on each product, Julie. Rosehip & Lavender is definitely the right bar for restoring hair wrecked by dryness, heat, or poor shampoo bar experiences!! We're glad you're getting the care and protection you need with just the right amount...a little bit after each shampoo! Take good care and thanks for raising the bar with us!

    Tina Cooke

    Rosehip & Lavender Conditioner Bar

    Thanks Tina for popping by and leaving a 5-star review on our Rosehip & Lavender Conditioner Bar! We're so happy that you're living the healthy hair and plastic-free lifestyle with us :)
    Take good care!