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Bubble Truffle Bundle

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480 g

Soak in warm fragrant bubbles as calming essential oils fill the air and your skin becomes splendidly smooth.


  • Find a sense of calm with essential oils. 
  • Soften your skin with organic & fair trade coconut oil and shea butter. 
  • Release tension and stress. 
  • Enhance overall wellness with a better bathing routine.
Full Description

Enjoy six luxurious bubble baths with all of our Solid Bubble Bath in one lavish bundle. Our bubble bath is handcrafted with natural oils and butters that give your skin a silky smooth feeling. Essential oils drift into the air as you fill the tub with warm water and the fragrant foam embraces you with a feeling of wellbeing.

Relax as Coconut Honey softens your skin or feel refreshed as the citrus scents of Pink Lemonade fill the air. Let Cookies and Cream release the tension in your muscles and Deep Sea soothe your aches and pains. Wild Child adds moisture to your dry skin and Sweet Dreams helps lull you into a sense of calm for a restful sleep. No matter what you need, there’s a Solid Bubble Bath to help enhance your wellness.

How To Use

For the best bubble bath, hold your favourite truffle under the lukewarm to warm running water as the bath fills. Once you are happy with the water level, sink into the fluffy and fragrant bubbles.

To enjoy an extra foamy bath, stir the water around as you settle into the moment and allow wellbeing to wash over you.

Save our shipping box to store the products and keep your solid bubble bath fresh and dry.

    Bubbles & Balms Natural and Plastic Free Bubble Bath for Eczema and Sensitive Skin the Bubble Truffle Bundle of Six
    Bubbles & Balms Products for the Daily Care of Eczema & Sensitive Skin on Tub Table with Bubble Truffle Bubble Bath in Tub
    100% Natural Handmade Gift Solid Bubble Bath Bubbles and Balms, New Brunswick
    Bubbles & Balms Coconut Honey Bubbles Truffle In Photo Is Great For Sensitive Skin
    Bubbles & Balms Cookies & Cream Bubbles Truffle In Photo Is Great For Sensitive Skin
    Bubbles & Balms Deep Sea Bubbles Truffle In Photo Is Great For Sensitive Skin
    Bubbles & Balms Pink Lemonade Bubbles Truffle In Photo Is Great For Sensitive Skin
    Bubbles & Balms Sweet Dreams Bubbles Truffle In Photo Is Great For Sensitive Skin
    Bubbles & Balms Wild Child Bubbles Truffle In Photo Is Great For Sensitive Skin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Monique King
    Bubble Truffles

    My FAVORITE! I treated myself because I love that they are all natural, they’re amazing and I’m worth it. ❤️

    Damn right you're worth it! We love this review, Monique, and 100% believe that everyone deserves comfortable, nourished, healthy skin. We're so happy our bubble truffles are part of the routine that keeps your skin in its happy place

    Orlene Coldwell
    Bubble truffle bundle

    Loved these, scent is natural . I have a sensitivity to artificial scents . They smell amazing and arrived in compostable packaging. So great that the company is a local business . Can’t decide which scent is my favorite.

    Hi Orlene! Thank you for this great review! Our Justin also struggles with perfumes and fragrances. That's why our Bubble Truffle Bundle and all other B&B products use only essential oils, botanicals, raw butters and oils in creating our luxuriously natural aromas <3
    Thanks for noticing and helping us Better Each Day!

    Bubble Truffles are amazing

    I just received these as a gift for Christmas from my sister who lives in Hampton. The Candy Cane and Sugar Cookie Bubble Truffles were absolutely amazing. I am usually very sensitive to bath products but had no reaction at all to these natural products. I can't wait to explore your line more and try some other items.

    Hi Margot! You will have to thank your sister for us :)
    So awesome that that your sensitive skin is loving our bubble bath alternative! The Bubble Truffle is the perfect bathing experience for dry & sensitive skin...and when followed up with an oil-based moisturizer (like our balms!) within 3 minutes of bathing, it creates a routine that will keep you soft, comfortable, and confident in your skin all winter long!

    Lynn G
    Bath Bombs and Bubble Truffles

    The absolute best! So good to see how environmentally conscious this company is. Thank you for all that you do! 💖

    Thank you so much, Lynn, for popping by with these great reviews of our Bath Bombs & Bubble Truffles!! We are so happy that you are able to keep up a luscious, natural bathing routine that softens your skin and reduces your waste and plastics.
    Thank you for raising the bar with Bubbles & Balms and take good care!

    Sonja's Artsy Place

    AWESOME products!!! I absolutely love that these products are natural!! The truffles are amazing for my very dry and eczema prone skin, when I get out of the tub, it’s like I’ve already put lotion on my legs they are so hydrated and soft!

    What a GREAT review, Sonja! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the benefits of bathing with our Bubble Truffles!! We are so happy to hear that your dry and eczema-prone skin is left feeling soft and conditioned with each soak <3
    Take good care!