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Bath & Soap Sampler

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1160 g

Artisanal Bath Salts (Aroma)

Eleven of our most popular soap and bath products in one bundle so you can unbox more great smells than you ever thought possible!


  • Cleanse and balance skin with soap bars.
  • Ease muscle soreness with magnesium in the bath salts. 
  • Reduce stress with essential oil infused bath bombs.
  • Tone and soften your skin with the bubble truffle.
  • Sleep more soundly with a natural bathing routine.
What's In The Bundle?

Bubble Truffles
1 Deep Sea
1 Coconut-Honey
1 Sweet Dreams

Bath Bombs
1 Sweet Citrus
1 Lavender
1 Spa Day

Select 1 Bath Salt
1 Cinnamon | Orange | Clove or
1 Eucalyptus & Geranium or
1 Lavender or
1 Spa Day

Half Soap bars
1 Tea Tree & Charcoal
1 Lavender Goat's Milk
1 Hey Jude
1 Deep Sea

Full Description

Sample the most popular of our bath and soap products with this collection of 11 must-try aromas. Handcrafted for sensitive skin, soak away your tension with your choice of bath salts. Experience your softest skin after a rejuvenated bubble bath. Let your worries fizzle away with your favourite bath bomb. The half bar soaps are everything your skin needs to feel cleansed each day. Essential oil blends swirl in the air as you breathe in deeply and exhale the pressures of life.

How To Use

Bath Bombs

Fill your bathtub with lukewarm to warm water. Lower the bath bomb into the water; close your eyes as you listen to the slow fizz, and enjoy the first hints of aroma. Lie back as you breathe deeply and enjoy this chance to unwind and care for body and mind.

Once done bathing, stand and massage skin lightly prior to patting dry. To get the best results for dry skin, follow up with an oil-based moisturizer, salve or balm to lock in hydration.

Save our shipping box to store the products and keep your bath bombs fresh and dry.

Bubble Truffle (Solid Bubble Bath)

For the best bubble bath, hold your favourite truffle under the lukewarm to warm running water as the bath fills. Once nearing a full bath, sink into the fluffy and fragrant bubbles.

Save our shipping box to store the products and keep your solid bubble bath fresh and dry.

Bath Salts

Fill your bath with lukewarm to warm water and add ½ to 1 cup Artisanal Bath Salts to your water. For extra magnesium, increase the amount of bath salts to 2 cups.

Lay back and enjoy the restorative effects of a soak in our blend of bath salts and pure essential oils.

Half Soap Bars

Get the soap bar wet and lather in your hands prior to applying the bar to your face or body. Pat dry with a towel to keep soap bars dry in between uses.

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