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The Bath Lover Bundle

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Enjoy twelve of the best-smelling bubble bath truffles and bath bombs that are made for dry & sensitive skin.


  • Reduce stress with citrus, rosemary, and benzoin essential oils.
  • Tone and soften skin with clays, salts, and raw butters.
  • Sleep soundly with the help of lavender and chamomile essential oils.
  • Enhance personal wellbeing with a rejuvenating and zero-waste bath routine.   
  • Enjoy safe-below-the-belt ingredients like organic & fair trade shea butter and coconut oil.
Full Description

Experience bath bombs and bubble bath truffles that are free from fillers and plastic waste. Bathe in premium ingredients like organic butters and natural clays that will soothe and soften the skin.

Sink into clouds of gentle bubbles that will softly cleanse and scent your body with essential oils. Feel energized from citrus oils, refreshed with eucalyptus and rosemary, and calmed with the magic of lavender and chamomile.

Whether you’re craving the fizzy renewal of our bath bombs or the soft, cloud-like embrace of our bubble truffles, our zero-waste Bath Lover Bundle has you covered. You can get or gift comfort today, and build confidence in tomorrow, with these better bathing products for people and planet!

How To Use

Bath Bombs

Fill your bathtub with warm water. Lower the bath bomb into the water, listening to the fizzing sounds, and enjoy the first hints of aroma. Lie back as you breathe deeply and enjoy a blissful calm.

Solid Bubble Bath

Hold your favourite solid bubble bath under the warm running water to fill the bath with fluffy and fragrant bubbles. To enjoy the most foam, ensure the tub is free of oils and salts before filling, and stir the water around as you settle into the moment and allow wellbeing to wash over you.

Save our shipping box to store your products in to keep them fresh and dry.

    Bubbles & Balms Bath Lover Bundle With Bath Bombs and Bubble Baths Made From Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils Packaged Without Plastic
    Bubbles & Balms zero-waste bath bomb and bubble bath gift set in shipping box
    Bubbles & Balms Zero-Waste Bath Lover Gift Set of Natural Bath Bombs and Bubble Bath With Essential Oils in Hampton, New Brunswick
    Bubbles & Balms Shipping Box Next to Clawfoot Tub With Woman Bathing in A Great-Smelling Bath Bomb
    Water ready to rinse easily from tub after use of Bubbles & Balms bath bomb near Moncton, New Brunswick
    Woman bathing in Bubbles & Balms bubble bath truffles with big bubbles in clawfoot tub
    Woman blowing kiss through bubbles from Bubbles & Balms natural bubble bath truffle near Moncton, New Brunswick

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Gifts for Christmas!

    Amazing products. I have bought these sets for a couple of people for the last few years and they really look forward to them. And they make the room in my house they are kept in smell great.

    Debbie Barry
    Wonderful products

    I only buy bath items for my (adult) daughter here as she never gets an infection from these, she absolutely loves them. I purchase items for my granddaughter, bug spray which is not harmful for children. Plus great customer service and support local.