Ways to Fortify and Rejuvenate with Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is one of the most desired essential oils the world over, and we can't get enough! We use the oil frequently in personal concoctions, diffuser blends and in our retail products. The essential oil is derived from a hydro-distillation process of the resin tears collected from the Boswellia tree. We then bottle this pure, therapeutic and wonderfully aromatic oil under the Bubbles & Balms label for you to enjoy in your own daily routine.  

If you're not already using Frankincense, or are looking for more ways to work it into everyday life, this shortlist of benefits attributed to the oil should help;

  • reducing anxiety
  • fortifying the respiratory system
  • rejuvenating skin tone
  • improving cellular regeneration
  • reducing the signs of aging
  • reducing pain
  • reducing inflammation
  • tightening the skin
  • relieving stress
  • increasing mental clarity


We use Frankincense in a number of products that take advantage of some of the attributes listed above. Beat the Breakout helps to even tone and complexion for people with oily/acne prone skin. Elixir lip balm is the go-to choice for people who enjoy an antimicrobial choice with regenerative properties for the treatment and prevention of cold sores. Breathe Easy pure essential oil blend is great for fortifying the respiratory system for anyone dealing with cold symptoms or asthma.  

Diffuser Blends

You can pre-mix these blends in any dark glass bottle to have on hand, or you can add the drops to your diffuser to mix the blend on the spot!


Mental Clarity & Focus

Anxiety & Panic


To use topically, mix your frankincense with a cream or oil that you enjoy and apply to the affected area.

Pain & Inflammation

Skin Rejuvenation

Does Frankincense Essential Oil really work?

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that Frankincense can be an effective tool for the treatment of certain skin, respiratory, and digestive ailments. Some studies have even explored the treatment of cancer with Frankincense. These studies are very encouraging, but we never recommend starting, altering, or otherwise substituting the knowledge and direction of your medical professionals for the use of essential oils. Please use your oils in conjunction with a naturally healthy lifestyle and regular visits with your caring health professionals.

Bubble On!!