Self-Love Resolutions!

The decade ends in only a couple of days and it may draw thoughts of resolutions and solutions. "New year, new me" is often a phrase thrown around at this time. With the most common of resolutions being to lose weight, start a new hobby, quit smoking or eat healthier. Here at Bubbles&Balms we want to focus more on HOW to achieve more Self-Love in 2020! Because most of those New Year's resolutions, are in fact, acts of self-love, we want to drive home some key steps to ensure success on your new path to health & happiness. Without further ado, here’s a list of ways to induce self-love resolutions and stick to them!

Baby Steps!
We hate to say it.. but you don’t just wake up one day with all your problems ceasing to be! If life were like that, we’d see a lot more happy people come New Years! Take your goals and start out by doing one small thing each day towards them. If your goal is to exercise more, start by doing a quick stretch each morning or parking a little further away from work for an extra bit of walking. Create a habit of it and add a little more, each day! By the end of January you’ll be well on your way into your new self!

One at a Time
We all have the list of things that we want to change. Start by doing ONE at a time. Don’t over burden your self with everything at once. That can be overwhelming and discouraging! Set achievable goals, while maintaining realistic achievement timeline along the way.

You’re turning your life around and you should be proud of it! Share with your supportive friends and family, who knows who you might inspire! Your loved ones may want to join in, making a new lifestyle change, like eating vegetarian, going to the gym or kicking a bad habit, a LOT easier to do with mutual support!

Don't beat yourself up
DIdn’t make it to the gym? Life caught up with you and you ate out more often than not? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Life is challenging sometimes and stressing over not doing everything 100% is only going to make you resent the process. Fall off the horse yes, but don’t forget to get back on and carry on your journey! If worse comes to worse, ask for help! Call momma in for a babysitter and take yourself out for some self-care to find your centre. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. Fill yours up first!