Natural Remedies for Fighting a Cold

When Baby Bubbler's immune system hears that it's time to learn about sharing, germs become an all-too-familiar guest around the home. And when Baby Bubbler shows how well she can share by lovingly shoving a half-eaten piece of Goldfish cracker in your mouth, you know that soggy bit of cheddary biscuit is going to come back to bite you. But hey, sharing is caring...

SO. Bubblers get sick. Head colds. Runny noses. Barking coughs. Sick. And what better time to talk about remedies than while dodging snotty nose kisses and sticky fingers. Here are some of our favourite all natural tips for feeling better when your little Baby Booger practices sharing in ways you wish they didn't. 

1. The Diffuser: 

When you're not feeling well, moving is exhausting. But getting up to bring your diffuser into the bedroom while you sleep is SOOOO worth the expended energy. Niaouli is said to be the absolute best essential oil for nasal congestion or sinus infections. That being said, it kind of smells like stale cat pee......SO, we've Incorporated Niaouli into our Breathe Easy blend along with other sinus-clearing oils that make the blended aroma much easier to enjoy. Peppermint is another oil to help clear the nose holes, and our Mother Knows Best is fantastic at keeping germs at bay so you don't get infected in the first place!

2. The Bath:

Achy joints, stuffy nose and sore lungs BE-GONE! Nothing soothes Bubblers more than a bath in our Cough-Be-Gone bombs or salts. For minor colds, the bomb works wonders. For major battles, bring out the salts. Got the chills or what seems like the START of the plague? Cinnamon-Orange-Clove Salts help keep you warm and cozy, while giving your immune system a bit of a boost. 

3. Steam your Face:

If you're not a bath fan, or simply don't have time to bathe, you can always do a steam inhalation with the same products. Fill your sink or a heat-safe bowl with boiling water and place 1-3 drops of oil or 1/2 cup of salts in. Lean over the sink/bowl, drape a towel over your head so the steam can't escape, and inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes. You can repeat this multiple times throughout the day. Set a timer on your phone so you don't have to lift the towel to check on time. 

4. Tea/Water/Voddy:

Herbal teas can be uber beneficial for your runny nose. David's Tea ''Cold 911" is Judith's absolute favourite for sick days. Hyssop, Chamomile or Lavender Tea also help with inflammation, and can soothe your nasals while calming the soul. We also invoke the little old lady on the hot sauce commercials whenever there's even the slightest hint of a sniffle and put that Sh** on everything. Spices are known to help rid the body of bacteria, which is why the popular "Hot Toddy" is so common for those feeling under the weather. Often made with alcohol, you can skip the buzz with a Hot Voddy instead! And as stated before, every blog about anything, ever, says drink more water...soooooo... Drink more water! Flush it out, flush it out, fluuuuuuush it out, girl! 

5. Massage:

We LOVE our Ancient Warmth Joint Butter, not only for aches and pains but for its high content of Camphor as well. Camphor is well known to help alleviate lung congestions. Massage our butter onto your chest and neck, and any other areas that may be achy!

6. Rest:

And lastly, get some rest! Put some Disney movies on, stay in your PJs and bask in the glory of knowing your only task for the day is to take care of YOU. Hope you've enjoyed the read and are feeling better Bubblers!

All our best,

- Judith & Justin

Partners in Bubbling, Life & Love