Bringing Mindfulness & Meditation into your Wellness Journey

Bubbles & Balms is on a mission to deliver inclusive and impactful daily wellness experiences through all-natural, safe, and feel-good products; together raising the bar for People and Planet. 

All of our products are intended to offer meaningful, personal experiences that create space between ourselves and the demands of the world. Our vision is to live in a world where no person is left behind on the path towards lasting wellbeing. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with Flo Meditation to bring you a series of free guided meditations as an additional tool to be used alone or paired with a Bubbles & Balms product experience to support you on your wellness journey.

Autumn, Jonathan, and Florence

We are so delighted to have met Autumn and Jonathan through Flo Meditation and are proud to introduce them as our mindfulness coaches and first wellness experts to share their passionate insights with our B&B Community. This wholesome couple created Flo Meditation in 2018 as the 1st Mindfulness + Meditation Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With a mission to build a happier, healthier, and more connected society.

Their story started by working together at a Vancouver company, where guided meditations were a mandatory part of their work schedule. It was not long until they began to notice the productivity, creativeness, and happiness they felt by simply quieting their minds. This led them to develop a passion for helping others recognize their full potential and step into who they are meant to be, through the holistic practice of mindfulness and meditation.


Autumn and Jonathan

Autumn is a mother, a mindset coach, and a certified meditation guide. She is the co-founder of Flo Meditation and believes mindfulness is the key to a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. 

Autumn is a graduate of the Lab of Meditation 200-hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training. She also has a combined honours degree in International Development Studies and Environment, Sustainability, and Society and further education in Human Resources Management. Autumn is passionate about supporting others in reaching their potential.

Jonathan is a man of many ideas, a father, and a man of colour who has developed a strong sense of collaboration, and an even stronger sense of passion for meditation through his wellness journey. He has naturally been able to weave different narratives to ensure inclusiveness of all backgrounds so that Flo Meditation is rooted in a non-secular, totally accessible foundation for everyone. Because at Flo Meditation, they respect the deep-rooted histories of mediation that have been practiced for thousands of years by people of all faiths. They teach everyone that meditation can be a tool to enrich your life, regardless of your religious beliefs. 

Holding similar value to Bubbles & Balms, Autumn and Jonathan’s love for people, the planet, and the community inspired them to create Flo Meditation.
Quote from Autumn and Jonathan

We are so humbled to have partnered with the Flo Meditation team for this experience unique to anything Bubbles & Balms has ever shared with our loved community. We are pleased to finally be involved with the deep-rooted histories of meditation and provide you with the tools meant to foster your discoveries of the beauty that can be found within every moment. Consider this your invitation to enjoy a free, downloadable, guided meditation. We hope this session provides you with the peace and clarity needed to feel grounded once again.

To download the free guided meditation practice, 

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