2020 FOCUS: How to Shake Off Mind-Fog

I don’t know about you all, but I certainly have been stuck in 2019 still and am having the hardest of times pulling myself into the new decade. What was I doing again? Oh yeah, writing this blogpost! Without further ado, let’s delve into some ways that we can keep our focus on our goals, in business, at work or even with our hobbies.

Yes! You heard correctly, grab your cup of joe and don’t feel guilty. Small amounts of caffeine are not only good for you but help to wake up the brain and get you in focus mode! So don’t skip out. Moderation is key, because going overboard on coffee can get you jittery and may have some adverse effects. 

Getting a good nights sleep is vital for so many things, but especially for focus. Kind of difficult to get any sort of concentration when all you can think about is catching more ZZZZZ’s
Six to eight hours will have you zeroing in on any challenge the day may bring. Have trouble sleeping? Try Lavender essential oil in your diffuser!

Meditation brings you to the simplest form of concentration there is. With thoughts on only  your breathing, you can build your ability to strengthen focus with this technique alone. Not to mention all the other health benefits that entail this practice. Practicing mindfulness will keep you in tact.

Diffusing certain essential oils can trigger chemicals in the brain, bringing more alertness to the mind and body. Some good oils for focus are Frankincense, Marjoram, Bay and Sage as they open up the airways for better breathing and alert the mind. (Check out our ZEN GARDEN blend!)

Not just a taboo thing to do! A to do list will keep your priorities straight and ensure that you get the things you actually want to get done, done. Crossing off items on your list is also super satisfying.

The ideal work-to-break ratio is 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest. Those who took regular breaks were more adept in their work as opposed to those who didn’t take regular breaks at all.

With the age of technology upon us, we can multitask just about anything and everything at all times. Whether it's flipping to check your inbox or reading a quick article  Dividing our attention across a multitude of platforms can stretch out our focus leaving little for each task. Hone in on one to-do list item at a time and you’ll be crossing off more and more!

May your vision be 2020 clear, and may your focus be strong this year.
Smell ya later