Our Natural & Minimalist Baby-Care Product (3min)

Our Little Bum Soothing Skin Salve;

is one of our all-time favourite products. It is made to provide immediate relief and then repair our littlest ones' sensitive skin when it is dry, itchy and irritated from things like cradle cap, diaper rash, sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis. We recommend starting with a pea-sized amount for the area the size of the back of your hand and applying more as needed. It is not medicated, so you are safe to apply frequently as symptoms are experienced or daily (during diaper changes) for prevention.  

The product is 100% natural and has a really stable shelf life, staying safe and effective for 18 months after opening. We don't find jars last that long though! And if we were doing a desert island trip and could only bring one product for the whole family, Little Bum is it...hands down. And here's why;

Most amazing ingredients!!

Little Bum is one of our oldest products, formulated with a group of moms in Claresholm, Alberta in 2014. Our littles were a few years away, so we relied on about a dozen mamas from the area to use and help us refine a diaper cream for their little ones. The final product has a warm floral aroma, created by the infusions of cut and dried chamomile, lavender and calendula flowers. The base is Coconut Oil, Shea and Mango butter with Beeswax and Stearic Acid to thicken it and Grapefruit Seed Extract as an all natural preservative.  

Judith from Bubbles & Balms Holding Macerated Calendula Flowers, A Primary Ingredient in Their Little Bum Soothing Skin Salve

So many other uses!!

Little Bum has a special place in our heart because of all of the other uses that we have found over the years;

Judith loves it as a;

  • stand-in face cream
  • repair salve for cracked nipples (if you revisit the ingredients, you can see that they are all safe for your skin while still breastfeeding babe)
  • makeup remover

Justin loves it as a;

  • beard cream
  • aftershave
  • scalp treatment after too much sun

Safe with cloth diapers!! 

Recently, we had to also figure out if it was completely safe with cloth diapers (as in, wouldn't build up a residue and eventually repel liquids a.k.a. pee). The big culprits are Oil and Zinc-Oxide and Petroleum Jelly. Our Little Bum contains neither and also needs no emulsifier or artificial preservative because there is no water content. The ingredients appropriately melt and wash away during a warm or hot wash (recommended for cloth diapers).

Bubbles & Balms Little Bum Soothing Skin Salve

Great value for minimalist lifestyles

Little Bum is hands-down our best multi-purpose product that makes living a more simple, minimalist or low-waste lifestyle easy with children under 3 in the home. We've had some great reviews that you can check out, and we'd love for you to leave your own if you've also had a great Little Bum experience;

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