Holiday Spirit & Essential Oils

The glitter of snow and the lights of the season can have us in a glow about the holidays. Decorations and the smells of delicious home baked goods fill our home spaces. The undeniable feelings of joy pitted in our bellies. This is Christmas time.

Here at Bubbles & Balms we want to engage your Holiday spirit even more so, and what better way than with the use of essential oils. Below are a few of our personal favourites for this time of year, and why they bring us such joy in using them.

FIR: Traditionally so, we bring to you Fir! For those of you that LOVE the smell of the Christmas Tree and have decided against the use of one, this oil is for you! With it’s strong forest scent you will feel immersed amongst the fir. Fir oil is said to encourage protection and clarity of mind and spirit.” As well said to being great for any sort of congestion. 

PEPPERMINT: A classic for the lover of Candy Cane EVERYTHING. Diffusing this oil will have your home in peppermint land! Generally is used for mental fatigue, headaches and common cold relief. 

SPICE OF LIFE: is an in house blend of Cinnamon, Orange and Clove essential oils intended for Warmth and Closeness. It has a predominantly spicy aroma with sweet & chocolaty undertones. The cinnamon is said to improve circulation, orange brings warmth to the space and clove not only reminds of home baked goodies but is an excellent antimicrobial to help ward off sickness.

We sincerely hope that whatever way you decide to enjoy the holidays this year, that you are happy and well!
Smell ya later ~ Kate.