Whittle Your Worries Away - A Soap Carving Fundraiser!

While the change of season brings many wonderful things, for those suffering with mental illness or from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the shortening of days can wreak havoc on anxiety and depression. Here at Bubbles & Balms we are on the constant lookout for self care regimes that can help you FEEL GOOD! One way to keep your mind out of the rut of depression and anxiety is to keep it creatively occupied! With that, we would like to host a Soap Carving Fundraiser!

How to participate:

1) Purchase your bar of soap at Bubbles&Balms

2) Using a butter knife or other tools, carve a design of your choosing (PG) out of the bar of soap. (Try to make it no smaller than 2"x2").

3) Return the carved soap between October 14th-26th and get a new, free Bubbles&Balms soap for you to take home and enjoy.

BONUS: Save your soap shreds in a clean container and bring them back in to the shop with your carving. We will then make
a NEW bar of soap with all the scraps collected!

Your carved bar of soap will then be auctioned off at our City Market location between October 28th & November 2nd, with all proceeds going to your local Mental Health Association.

Benefits of Soap Carving

1) Creativity. Explore your creativity with soap carving! An inexpensive way to let your inner artist flourish into a new medium. Soap carving is a great way for children (young & old) to explore whittling without the need of sharp tools.. just a butter knife will do! A fun, bubbly craft for rainy days.

2) Aromatherapy. BnB soaps are proudly made with the use of high quality, all natural ingredients! This includes the use of therapeutic essential oils- which provides you with relaxing aromatherapy while you widdle.

3)ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). These types of activities that appease the mind through sensory exploration have been shown to help reduce anxieties and ease depression. Soap carving is a wonderful way to clear the mind as you hear, see & smell rhythmic soap whittling.

We would like to sincerely thank you for participating in our 'Whittle Your Worries Away' fundraising event! We look forward to helping our local community raise awareness and end stigma surrounding Mental Health !

And remember.. Broken soap still bubbles!