Who is that super cute ladybug?

It's a bird, it's a plane!! Noooooooo...she's just wittle! Say hello to our beautifully blissful Bubblebug 😍

The process of developing a new icon to visually represent Bubbles & Balms was NOT an easy one. Hundreds of submissions from designers through 99designs, cross referencing the submissions with our values, selecting unique styles that spoke to us, and an almost perfectly split vote on which design our Totally Ultimate Bubblers (TUB crew 😉) preferred. But every minute of stress was worth it, as the process gave birth to our Bubblebug 💕

We opted for a rebrand in early 2018. Personally, we were welcoming our first child and moving thousands of kilometres. Bubbley, we were moving into more wholesale opportunities, and needed the packaging to pop when placed on a shelf. It was a time of new beginnings and rebirth. And as we reimagined our packaging, it only made sense to reimagine our imagery. 

Graphically, we were hopeful for two aspects in our logo, beautiful font stylings, and an icon. Both needed to work well together, and independently. We loved the idea of the icon being able to stand on it's own. A simple representative of the Bubbles and Balms experience. Most importantly, we wanted our values to be captured.

Values; handcrafted, natural, welcoming, joy-seeking, service to others

And suddenly, there she was. It was love at first sight. She, poised in flight with colourful accents upon her back. Us, giggling in whispers about how cute her little butt is. She started as two 'B's, back to back. When she opened her wings, she instantly found a place in the Bubbles & Balms family.

Ladybugs are the natural embodiment of lady luck. There to remind us to seek experiences that drive joy into our lives and are in harmony with our natural surroundings. Be colourful. Be playful. Be loving. Grant the wishes of others. She has captured so much in such a succinct way.

Like the Bubblebug, we are in service to our amazing supporters. We hope to only bring prosperity and good fortune wherever we go. We are not perfect, but find beauty in imperfection. In nature. We aim to lift spirits, nourish our loved ones, and create reasons to smile. We exist to connect you with all the benefits intended by nature. Really, could anything else represent our values so clearly? Perhaps. But for now, we will cherish our Bubblebug. A natural addition to our Bubbler family.