What is Better Bathing? (1 of 2)

It's strangely uncomfortable to say at first, and maybe that's because we are humble Canadians, but Better Bathing isn't a claim about being "better" than anyone else. Better Bathing is about collectively reaching for Better in simple, everyday ways that lead to big, positive impacts for people and planet. We like Better, because Better is realistic. Better is achievable in our everyday. And with time, a little bit Better each day can make for a huge impact over time.

So, what does it actually MEAN in our everyday life. For us, it means; 

  • making toxin-free products from natural ingredients
  • wrapping our products in biodegradable packaging 
  • making the least environmental impact during production
  • leaving the least environmental impact from product use
  • and sharing the well-informed journey with a community of like-minded Canadians who also want Better, for themselves, their families, and our collective future.

For our BnB Community, we want it to mean;

  • experiencing outrageously good personal care products
  • having options for packaging disposal that you can feel great about
  • knowing the simple ingredients that are in your products, and why they are there
  • feeling safe when sharing toxin-free products within your families 
  • and contributing to a bigger push for these standards to become the 'norm.’

We hope that Better Bathing is something that you can get behind, but if you are curious about 'why’ it matters, it really boils down to toxins and packaging waste. We will cover toxins below, and packaging in a follow-up blog next week.

Since the 2000's, more and more information campaigns and studies have been telling us that the products we use in our daily personal care are riddled with toxins. These human and environmental toxins include Formaldehyde, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, and Talc - all toxins that as of the publish date have yet to make it on to the Health Canada Hotlist, meaning they are still in many commercially available products today. 

The Canadian Hotlist has 460 banned substances, while the US has 11, and the European Union has over 1300. This lack of consistency is a reason why you get different information about the same chemical. This is also why we reach for simple ingredients that are commonly found in nature, are not on any Hotlists, and don't complicate your life. 

We can't control everything, but we CAN act on what we have control over. We may not get the stable planet and wellness-oriented economy that we hope for. But not acting won't bring us any closer. So join us in reaching for a little Better, where and when you can, and let's see how far we can get together.