We're going to build a wall!

Three factors came into play in the Bubbler Universe this week;

  1. Many Essential Oils are toxic to our feline friends
  2. Walls can be used to separate things
  3. There's nothing wrong with changing the plan as long as you keep the goal

Since last writing, JnJ have found out that the original property plan is not going to work as they had thought (insurance trumps a Can-Do attitude). Allowing 24 hours for disappointment, JnJ regrouped. We knew that we needed to be able to restart production in less than 14 days to keep up with our stocking needs and were already behind on producing the summer essentials. Pen, paper, options, pros, cons, choice, action!

In the basement of Justin's childhood home, there is a rec room. This rec room is a mosaic of VHS movies, board games, mix tapes, sentimental keepsakes, old computer equipment, three decades of stuffed animals and some half-finished Lego projects that Justin started in the early '90s (half rocket ship, half transformer, totally awesome). Logistically, this space made great sense! We're staying in the house as we now re-plan our more permanent location, our entire soapery is already in storage onsite, and it was a great motivator to clean up and use an unused space!! There was just one problem. The kitties.

We love all pets. Kitties included!! But, as some of you may know, kitties and essential oils don't mix. Unlike our canine and equine friends, who are often attracted to oils and can benefit from appropriate application and use, our feline friends can experience acute toxicity when exposed to many oils. Their liver lacks an enzyme needed to metabolize the oils. Until you do some deeper research (like reading our favourite book on the subject), some all-encompassing rules to live by are;

  • do not apply essential oils (neat or diluted) to your feline friend
  • always allow your feline friend a way out of a room when using your diffuser  
  • keep your oils in well sealed bottles and behind closed doors (in the cupboard for example)

We also need to keep the product safe from the kitties and doggies that share our home. The products need a sterile environment for production and curing. JnJ had to come up with a solution. The conversation unfolded something like this;

'We have to keep them kitties out'

'Yes, Dear'

'We need to build a wall'

'Yes, dear'

'And we gonna make them kitties pay for it'

'Probably not, dear'

We realized that building a wall to keep the cats out, and then expecting them to pay for it, possibly through tariffs or some other politically charged economic repercussion, was not going to work. The primary reason this wouldn't work is that the kitties don't use money, and therefore, have very little of it. We decided to purchase the materials, and talk to the kitties about it at a later date.

The past few days have been spent framing and getting the drywall hung for the interim soapery. We expect to be done within a week and back into full operational mode as we start surveying the area for the right piece of property to become the 'Bubbler Ranch (not official, name is still in construction phase)'. A big thanks goes to Jay&M for helping J&J get this shaped up as quickly as we have. Where would be without the help of our friends and family?

As we look back on this week, a quote from Winston Churchill comes to mind; "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Until next week, keep that positivity bubbling over and spilling into the world. Your joy might just turn someone's day around. Bubble on!