Better Bathing Journey 2020

Our Better Bathing journey began with simple goals, achievable in our everyday. We've learned that a little bit Better each day can have a massive impact over time. That same 'stick to your values' attitude and our B&B Community's fantastic support, has made for more ups than downs during a challenging 2020 for all of us. Thanks to you, we celebrated our 6th anniversary and hit exciting milestones, making this the most memorable year in B&B History! 


Since our first sale in 2014, guilt-free packaging has been a tough nut to crack. Packaging is easy to source, but the choices are often limited to plastic and glass. Thankfully, this September, after a couple years of trying, we launched 100% compostable packaging!  The packaging is a mix of post-consumer boxboard containers and certified compostable pulp-based labels! So your daily care products will degrade within a few months in your compost as opposed to hundreds of years in a landfill environment. 


Animal Rights:

We have proudly said "NO" to Animal Testing since our Founding in 2014. This means that all of our products have been free from animal testing at every production stage since day one. To highlight our commitment, we acquired official worldwide recognition by earning the Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certification in August 2020. So you can rest assured knowing that your Better Bathing journey is part of the cruelty-free movement. 

Leaping Bunny (@LeapingBunny) | Twitter

Community Giving: 

YOU helped us raise over $2500 for communities in need this year! First, you helped us raise $1500 in our Australian Breeze Soap fundraiser for WWF Australia to help with relief efforts during the wildfires in February 2020. Then you also helped us beat the $1000 goal this Holiday season in our Bubbles & Balms Bath Bombs for Bulbs fundraiser! This helped support Food Banks across Southern NB through the annual Harbour Lights Campaign


Going E-commerce through our Production Studio!

It all started with a soap bar and a table display. Suddenly local pop-ups lead to our very own storefront in Claresholm, Alberta. Until 2018 when we moved Bubbles & Balms across Canada to the Saint John City Market. We appreciate the ongoing support from our Claresholm Community throughout that transition, as we continued to recruit Canadians for their own Better Bathing missions. In 2020, we pulled from the SJCM and transitioned Bubbles & Balms into a fully functioning online business! A leap of faith, lots of paint, and a heck ton of brainpower. We now happily work out of our Production Studio doing E-commerce orders for delivery and shipping, so we can continue to serve you better 💙


B&B Family and Team Growth : 

Our family grew this year as Baby Jack was born in July 2020. With him and our daughter Keira, our Better Bathing Mission has grown more vital than ever. We're here to push plastics out of the personal care industry, to create a planet for our children as good as the one we had growing up. 

This year we got to welcome new team members and allowed everyone the opportunity to experiment with the comfort of their strong suits. Since day one, Judith has the Production Manager, and Justin is the Operations Manager. This year Chloé was promoted from Production Assistant to Social Media Coordinator, and Kate has since been flourishing as a Graphic Design Artist and Production Assistant. Over the summer, we had Addie join us as an Environmental Researcher. We've recently had Alex join us for lead in Web Development and Valarie as the lead in Digital Marketing.


Limited Edition Soap Collection:

The Maritime Heritage Soap Collection was the first Limited Edition collection released to-date, featuring four never before smelled bars with locally sourced provincial and Atlantic water ingredients. The purpose of this collection was to bring us closer to our loved ones through the shared pride in our Maritime heritage. We were able to share over 300 soap collections from coast to coast. 


Zero-Waste Holiday Pop Up: 

Our wholesome for the holidays pop-up shop was open for a month through December 24th, and it was a roaring success! We helped prevent over 5000 plastic beauty care products from entering Canadian households with a complete Zero-Waste pop up! We loved reconnecting with the local community and educating everyone on pursuing their own Better Bathing journey