Benefits of Offline Shopping!

Last week we boasted of all the great benefits of ONLINE SHOPPING! This week we wanted to delve a bit into why we believe OFFLINE SHOPPING is so amazing! 

If you’re buying items, you can physically touch, smell and see what said item will be like. With clothing for example, you can try it on to see if it fits, or gauge if it will fit the person you are buying for. If you’re buying scented items, you can smell them to see if you’re truly going to enjoy them. Textures can be felt, smells can be scented, and size and shapes can be assessed to be certain you’re shopping experience goes according to plan!

Shopping can be a social event that brings people together! Plan a day with friends or family to venture out in the malls and markets to find the most wonderful of gifts. Share experience, laugh and work together as a team to get exactly what you need!

Test your products instore! Often times if you’re shopping locally, you can test some products that a store has to offer. But only if you pop by their physical shop! What a great way to see in real time if you’ll enjoy what you’re about to purchase!

While convenient as it may be to sit in your jammies and shop, shopping OFFLINE you get the FULL experience. Customer service can help you with any questions, concerns or information about products! Which can ultimately help you choose what's suited best for your needs! WIN WIN!!!!

If by chance your item wasn’t exactly as you planned it to be, and the need to bring it back arises, returns are easy peasy! Compared to shipping fees, boxing and taping and hoping miscommunication doesn’t happen along the way. Shopping offline can save you $$$! While you won’t be paying for fees for shipping and your items won’t take days to be received.

Both ONLINE and OFFLINE shopping have their benefits! May your shopping experience this year be wonderful regardless!!!

Smell ya later