Are Your Daily-Care Products Supporting Your Love for Animals?

A few months ago, we had a question that we hadn’t had in some time, which was if we were Cruelty-Free. It reminded us that this was a fairly common question when we first started making Daily-Care products in 2014. There were actually three questions during the early market days that really helped to cement our values; 

  • Is it natural? 
  • Will it be ok for my sensitive skin? 
  • Is it cruelty-free? 

We have been cruelty-free since our founding. Being Cruelty-Free means that we have not, and will not, test any of our products on animals for any reason. Animal-testing is normally excused by the need to test some products for safety. This argument may hold weight in medicine, but there is no excuse for cosmetic testing on animals.

We do not need to test for safety because we choose to only use simple and well-known natural ingredients that are safe to begin with. We run the formulation through the Health Canada Cosmetic Notification process to assess compliance with their ingredient hotlist, and then test on very willing humans to better understand the user experience. We take your feedback and tweak recipes to make sustainable Daily-Care products that you can love and feel good about using.

Following the question a few months ago, we realized that we weren’t as loud about our Cruelty-Free position as we should be. We looked at our pets. We reflected on our own shift to vegetarianism in 2019. We read about the animals used and rates of animal testing for cosmetics. We thought about our current COVID state and read about the Human-Animal-Environment interface from the World Health Organization. After all of this, we recognized that this was the time to double-down on our commitment made in 2014 and certify Bubbles & Balms and the BnB Community as avid supporters of the Cruelty-Free movement.

It didn’t take us long to decide on a certification, as the gold standard for being Cruelty-Free has long-been the Leaping Bunny program offered by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. We wanted to adopt this mantra as a broader statement of the need to be Cruelty-Free in all of our interactions with animals, so decided to make it happen!

Leaping Bunny assesses you as an individual company, but also assesses your supply chain. We started the process in mid-June. It took about 8 weeks to navigate and required that paperwork be completed by each of our raw materials suppliers, no matter how big or how small. Our Environmental Assessment Coordinator Addie lead our bid, and in early August, 2020, we were awarded our certification.

Being Cruelty-Free had not been a focal point in our Better Bathing Mission For People & Planet, but that did not mean we ever wavered in our commitment from 2014. Together, we can take a one health perspective in our daily routines that accounts for people, planet and animals in everything we do. We can do better when it comes to being Cruelty-Free across the board in our treatment of animals. Sustainability will always require a healthy appreciation of our interconnectedness with our cohabitants on this planet. We are very proud that the BnB Community is now counted as part of this movement.