And the winner of the BnB Bursary is...

And the winner of the BnB Bursary is...

...coming up right after this short word from our sponsor! ;P

We couldn't just give you the name!!!! Then the blog would be two words long because who wants to listen to Justin ramble on after you get the punchline you're looking for!?!?! Suspense! Building! Crescendo! Beat Drop!

The BnB Bursary ($500 award to be applied to tuition for a 2018 grad pursuing post-secondary studies) was a really exciting program for us at Bubbles & Balms. Justin and Judith believe that education (in many forms) creates better lives. Learning on the job, in the classroom, online, in a book, from a mentor, from a friend, from your all helps to shape you for the better. We loved the idea of being able to help support someone's ambitions to pursue their own better self. A bursary seemed like a great way to create a lasting impact by reducing the burden of debt that comes with post-secondary education for one deserving student.

We learned a lot during this process. The nominations moved us. For the grads, hearing that someone believes in you is such a great resource to call on when times are difficult. A writer friend of ours once told us to save those magical bits of support that come in written form or possibly in a phone message, to draw from when you need them. What great advice for anyone getting ready to face the challenges that come in the first years after high school!

And now, for the really exciting part! Our inaugural BnB Bursary winner!! She is a 2018 graduate of St. Stephen High School who held a camera (in a functional way) for the first time when she was 7...and it just clicked! See what we did there ;)

Her medium of choice was video, and film has indefinitely become her thing. She also enjoys other artistic endeavors, such as drawing and the studio arts. She is spending her pre-freshman summer capturing imagery and video of local events to be used for a regional tourism association. She has multiple shorts under her belt and will be debuting her first full length documentary in August. In the fall, she will be attending Concordia University in Montreal to start a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia. This is a unique program that fosters the ability to integrate multiple art forms (video, technology, performance arts, etc.) to create new ones.

There were so many deserving nominees, who have accomplished so much in their lives, and we wish them all the best of luck in their future pursuits. For 2018, we congratulate Juliet Bartlett on being the winner of the inaugural BnB Bursary! We're so excited to support and follow your progress as you make the world a better place.

Until next year and the 2nd Annual BnB Bursary, bubble on!!

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