Alberta to the Atlantic Ocean

This is it! The first of its' kind. A Bubbles & Balms blog. Something we've thought about for a long time. A new forum for us to post news, products, ideas, and updates as we share 'the ways of the Bubbler' with the world ;)

A week. Bittersweet. Loving. Sad. Long. Short. Sleep. Diapers. Boxes. Where's that thing? Here? There? Alberta? New Brunswick? Did you remember the baby? Sharing deodorant. New toothbrushes. Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons. What will we find at the next exit? Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons. 'I hung the shelf.' 'The shelf fell down.' 

We did it. No part of the move from Alberta to New Brunswick was easy! It is the first in many steps to create the Bubbler destination (name to be determined, location to be determined, almost everything to be determined). A place where we can host travelers who wish to see the best the Maritimes has to offer, produce our brand of all natural products, and expand into the hobby business dreams that motivate us every day. A journey to be shared <3

Keira (Baby bubbler, 3.25 months experience) and Judith (Bubbler creative, 3.5 years experience) flew. Calgary, Montreal, Saint John. Justin (Bubbler builder) drove. Claresholm, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Portage La Prairie, Kenora, Thunder Bay, Nipigon, Sault Ste. Marie, Barrie, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City, Edmunston, St. Stephen...possibly in that order? A Canadian pilgrimage of respect and awe for our great Country. Beautiful in its' diversity. The Lake Superior route was a first, and is recommended for those with the time to enjoy a few extra miles.

We experienced 27 degree weather early upon arrival. Warm rocks and sun turned the first few inches of surf to bath water. We took advantage. Keira, meet the Atlantic Ocean (they hit it off!). Alberta to the Atlantic Ocean. We're here. We're safe. We're happy. We're excited to share this journey. We're so thankful that you've joined us <3

May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true, and the kindness you spread keep returning to you. Until next week, be bubbly our friends!

- Justin, Judith & Keira