A Place to Call Abode

Has the train really and truly pulled into the station?!?! No fooling?!?! We get to unpack?!?!?!Β 

As of the writing of this blog, it has been 93 days since the Sweeney's hit the dusty trail and started making their way to an unknown but familiar destination. It was time to return to New Brunswick, despite having to leave huge parts of their hearts in Alberta πŸ’“

Two by plane, one by car, the Sweeneys arrived in St. Stephen, NB. Here, we took up short term residence with Michele Sweeney (a matriarch in her own right). This was the site of the interim bubble factory/soapery/renovation project that Bubbles & Balms has called home for these past 8 weeks;


Yeah, this place! Thank you Mama Sweeney for the hospitality and trusting Justin when he said 'sure I know how to build and wire a room!!!' We bubblers like to learn by doing...luckily we had some great teachers willing to lend a hand πŸ˜‹

Once able to operate, we jumped in the bubble mobile and hit the roads in search of a more permanent location. We looked at dozens of sites. Too big. Too small. No water. Water damage. Is that an outhouse? We were three Bears short of our own Goldilocks story...but with hundreds of bowls of real estate listings to pick from.

Then, something caught our eye. 30 minutes to Justin's work (and a commuter bus to two blocks away from his office!). Equal distance to grandparents in St. Stephen and Shediac. Municipal tagline of ''Its Our Nature" (strangely fitting eh?). Rivers. Valleys. Mountains (by New Brunswick standards πŸ˜‰). Home?


(Judith won't miss a market day, not even for a house closing πŸ˜‹)

Our purpose is to provide you with the benefits found in nature...and we are now able to start incorporating more of the nature around us into our products πŸ’“

The house will be a great home, but what we really like, is the back yard;

And We Dub Thee; Bubble Brook (possibly called something else by other people 😝)

With enough space for the Sweeney's to live upstairs and for Bubbles & Balms to live downstairs;

And a new soapery taking shape;

What a journey. Unknown destination. And thrilled to be here writing as we prepare for our 3rd night in our new home. Now able to continue to support our coast to coast Bubble Crew, our growing family and our love for nature and all things natural from one location. We expect to be settled within a couple weeks and we are so thankful for your wonderful support and patience these past few months. Gratitude is up and rocking, BnB has a true home for production, and the sky's the limit from here.

Bubble on!

With Love,

Judith, Justin and Baby K