130 - 50th Ave West

130 - 50th Ave West

The Sweeneys are moving!!

Ok, so the move being classified as news is probably a little late, but in all the work, we didn't do any announcements on the Bubbles & Balms social media or website!! Part of us wanted the BnB experience to be no different for our Bubblers. Website stays operational. Store stays operational. Life stays operational. But launching our new blog with the move, and not first announcing the changes, is some fantastic jackassery!! We heehawed that one real bad, and we apologize for not handling that better!

After receiving some concerned inquiries over the past week, we want to get everyone securely back into a safe place. We're talking comfy pillows, soothing whale sounds, and lots of beard stroking. Let's just agree that we all have different definitions of a safe place.

Bubbles & Balms, as a brand, lifestyle, and business, is the partnership of Judith and Justin Sweeney. This is not going to change. JnJ are behind the products, the social media pages, the website, the email address, even the phone! We are reaching out and taking in Bubbler feedback. We are investing heavily in getting better at what we've always done. We feel like we have just scratched the surface of what Bubbles & Balms could be. We've got a lifetime of fun ahead of us.

Bubbles & Balms, as a store, located at 130-50th Ave West in Claresholm, is also a JnJ production, but is now being shared. If you've watched 'Into the Wild' or read anything about Christopher McCandless, you have probably stumbled across the quote; 'happiness is only real when shared.' That is at play here.

Currently, JnJ are sharing their space with the Harrisons, and in the future, the Harrisons will be sharing their space with JnJ. Bubbles & Balms, as a store, will change. In future months, 130-50th Ave West will take on a new name. The location will become a beautiful new vision of products and services for Claresholm. We don't want to give too much away, but rest assured, it will be awesome. At that time, the store will be a space where Bubbles & Balms will exist (you will always be able to get your favourite BnB products), but it will operate under a different name and will be championed by the Harrisons. 

If your first thought was 'this guy is a super vague jackass,' you are probably in the majority! Some things are just worth waiting for. Most important to know right now, is that there are four super passionate people, who love Claresholm, working diligently behind the scenes to keep that location a downtown destination. We've worked hard to see that downtown thrive. We will continue to do so.

So. What's the moral of the story? 130 - 50th Ave West will remain open for a VERY long time to come. We are sharing this journey with dear friends. Bubbles & Balms will continue to play a major role in that area, while growing as a brand. Things are good. Things are safe. And YOU are the number one priority. 

Bubble on our friends, we've got you in mind every step of the way <3

  • Michael Kelly says...

    Congrats on the transfer of power, make it fun and profitable for yourselves. Buy low sell to the market, clear out sales twice a year at least. That all the cheap advice I have got.

    Plus the est wishes!

    On May 15, 2018

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