Healthy Hair Care - Naturally

We would like to humbly welcome two more shampoo bars to our collection of 100% Natural hair care! Our Shampoo Bars are not only all natural but create zero waste in the creation process as well as their packaging. Why create waste when you can get clean without the plastic.

Firstly we would like to introduce Homestead Honey! Made with all the ingredients you would find right on the farm, this bar contains carrot purée, an egg and locally sourced honey. How sweet!
The essential oils of Palmarosa, Copaiba, Lavender and Patchouli, create a lovely aroma as well as a wonderful scalp tonic. Homestead honey will create a vibrant shine and will hydrate your hair from roots to tips. 

Secondly we want to say hello to CHEERS! Our lovely Beer Shampoo Bar. Made with locally crafted beer, this fantastic bar with its combination of essential oils of Rosemary, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Lemongrass will cut down on an oily scalp and hair. Leaving it balanced, clean and fresh! The lingering essential oils will also have your hair smelling amazing for hours to come. 

All of our shampoo bars boast of numerous benefits to the hair and scalp, helping with hair loss, dandruff/psoriasis, and balancing of the oils. Combined with our other hair care products (Soft Locks & Dry Shampoo), your locks will be luxurious and healthy for years to come. Not to mention the impact you alone will have on the environment!