A Complete Guide To Shower Bombs

(4 minute read) 
Nothing is better than lowering the lights, putting lavender in your diffuser, and relaxing into a sea of bubbles. But let's be real. When do we ever get the opportunity to do that?! Between kids, home life, work, and school, it's hard enough to even draw a bath without the water going cold. But there is always one thing we can rely on, and that is a nice hot shower.

This is one reason why Judith invented the Shower Bomb, so those "quick rinses" can become just as luxurious as a night in the bath.

Our Shower Bombs are handcrafted using natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and leave you smelling fresh & fabulous all day long. So you can indulge in the holistic effects of essential oils through an aromatic explosion so powerful it's like "Showering inside a Bath Bomb."

If you're a citrus lover, use 'Hey Jude' to embrace your inner hippie of the '60s with orange, patchouli, and clove essential oils. Shake things up with the simplistic energizing aromas of 'Lime in D'a Coconut,' or add a zap of 'Zesty' to your morning with lemon and lemongrass essential oils. Not looking for something energetic? No problem! 'Lavender & Vanilla' is the perfect Shower Bomb for soft souls awaiting a night of sweet dreams.

Then there are the sicky ickys, yes you reading this blog, with a stuffy nose buried under a sea of tissues. Trust 'Mothers Knows Best' with our take on the apothecary remedy for immunity (Thieves) with cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, and orange essential oils. Or dive into the refreshing aromas of 'Eucalyptus-Mint' for a sinus-opening experience unlike any other.

But don't be fooled; there are more to these Shower Bombs than what meets the nose. After all, they were designed with a multi-usage formula to be used as a moisturizing cleanser, skin-softening exfoliant, or even as a hair rinse!

Once the Shower Bomb is exposed to water, it will start to foam-up, simply scoop up the foam, and spread the sudsy texture over your skin as a gentle cleanser. But let's be honest, we all need some skin-loving goodness in our lives, which brings us to the second usage… an exfoliant bar. Simply rub the Shower Bomb in a circular motion over the dry areas of your skin like your elbows, knee caps, or heels for a moisturized finish that will leave you thinking, "Holy, that's Smooth"!

The Shower Bomb's foam can also be used as a hair rinse after washing with a natural Shampoo Bar. Simply take the foam, massage it through your hair, and rinse for instant relief from the "waxies." As it's an effective (and better-smelling) replacement to the well-known apple cider vinegar rinse. To learn more about how to transition to natural hair care, Click Here!

"Because we believe everyone deserves a Better Bathing experience better than their last."
-Judith & Justin