4 Ways Your Natural Shampoo Bar is Different than Your Bar Soap

You have read the blogs. You've tossed those final hunks of plastic packaging into the recycling. You have committed to raising the bar with toxin-free care for your curls. You have your apple cider vinegar ready for rinsing away the waxies. You are officially using a plastic, paraben, sulphate and silicone-free shampoo bar!! Your hair and the planet are already singing your praises :)

But once in the shower, it's pretty easy to confuse your shampoo and soap bars. We use a distinctive round shape for shampoo bars to help you out, but just what makes a shampoo bar different anyway? Here are four important ways that your shampoo bar is different than your soap, and why they matter;

1 - Less Superfat

  • Superfatting is the process of adding more fatty oils to your formula than can be saponified (turned into a salt) by the lye content. Adding more oil than can be saponified ensures you can moisturize and nourish as you wash. The percentage of superfat changes with the intended use of the bar, and we go really low with natural shampoo bars to limit buildup. The final bar makes for a great cleanser for hair, but can be drying if used on your body

2 - Variable Base Oil Content

  • Coconut oil often takes the leading role in our Bar Soap formulas, but only leads for our Cheers in the shampoo bars. Coconut oil makes for a great cleanser when saponified so is best as a base for oily hair. You will find Coconut Oil almost at the bottom of the list in our Homestead Honey to ensure the residual oils left in these bars aren't stripped from your hair. 
3 - Inclusion of Hair-Nourishing Oils
  • We use richer (in vitamins and nutrients) oils in shampoo bars so that the smaller amount of unsaponified oil in the bar packs a bigger punch. The oil content that wraps your hair is a blend of oils like Evening Primrose, Jojoba, and Castor. These blends will help to condition the hair without contributing to excess buildup.
4 - Inclusion of SIlk Peptides and Other Special Additives
  • We've replaced synthetic silicones (a family of inert polymers that are somewhere between synthetic rubber and plastic) with natural alternatives that will help to enrich the hair, rather than just mask poor hair health. These ingredients include silk peptides, carrot purée, farm fresh NB eggs, and local small-batch dark ales. You will not find these hair-specific ingredients in our soap bars.

At the end of the day, while it may feel like a natural switch to use your soap or shampoo bars interchangeably, we do not recommend doing so. You will be disappointed with the reults over time. You will experience drier skin if showering with a natural shampoo bar and more buildup in your hair if shampooing with soap for any length of time.

But most importantly, thank you for getting here and choosing to raise the bar 💙🌎