LOVE - YOURSELF: A Single's Guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, the day where lovers swoon each other with their undying love. Roses, chocolate, gifts and sensual romance fill the senses. While couples indulge in one another, those of us who have no significant other can quite frankly feel attacked with the bombardment of “Lovers Gifts”
That being said, there’s also something to be told of SELF LOVE!!!! Instead of focusing on the lack of love received and given to another, it’s time to turn our focus inward. For the love we long to give to someone else can be used in a more positive way! Giving YOUR SELF that love, you are not only going to feel better, but you’re also telling the universe that you are deserving of that kind of abundant love! And THAT is a powerful statement, especially if you’re a believer in Karma. You get what you give. While not all of us are believers in such cosmic resolutions, showering yourself with undying love is going to make you feel good. WE PROMISE! So without further ado, check out some of our self-loving tips and tricks!

Add your bubble truffles, candles, bring in your favourite snack and let gentle music fill the air, while the warm water soothes your body. Allow your mind to drift to a place of gratefulness.
You are deserving of all the love you seek to give to others.

Got extra cash? Buy some flowers. Nothing quite uplifts the soul in the dead of winter than living vegetation! Not a big fan of florals? Gift yourself a cute house plant! The idea here isn’t WHAT you’re receiving, it's the fact OF receiving. Getting a gift is always a pleasant feeling. So open up your wallet and indulge in yourself something small.
You are deserving of all the love you seek to give to others.

Fresh from your bath, that body of yours desires a skin treatment. Grab your favourite massage oil or lotion (Or your fave B&B Body Butter) and lather your body generously. Creating a personal connection with the skin you’re in is #1 on the list of self-love!
You are deserving of all the love you seek to give to others.

Why wait for someone to come along and cook you your favourite dish. You know exactly how rare you want your steak, so don’t be afraid to go all out on your own four-course, FIVE STAR meal! Have dessert first. You deserve it after all. Oh and don’t forget that glass of bubbly!!!

Whatever you decide to give yourself, may it be whole-heartedly, because
- You are deserving of all the love you seek to give to others. - 


-Kate, Your SelfCare Enthusiast