How to make the most out of summer (by planning less and preparing more)

It's here!! It's Here!! The late afternoon on a July day that we all affectionately refer to as summer. That mythical creature that is discussed with skeptical awe in mid-January as if we might be familiar, but maybe we've just heard so many stories, we feel like we know summer. 

Like a too-frequently-scolded groundhog, we start to nervously poke our heads out from our winter abodes to scan the surroundings as spring nears. We start paying more attention to the long-range forecast. We start asking everyone we meet, 'any plans this summer?' 'Anything lined up for the summertime?' 'How are you spending your vacation?' 'Are you not going anywhere? Why aren't you going anywhere? Oh, you have to GO SOMEWHERE!?!?! IT'S SUUMMMMEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!' Thanks for reinforcing why we only see each-other at reunions uncle Dave...jeez. 

This year, rather than doggedly try to plan the most out of our summer and then reflect on missed goals in the fall, we're going to try something new! We are going to plan less, and prepare more.

Idea 1; Have a 'Bug Out' bag

Bug out bags are probably more common in prepper or conspiracy based blogs, but we think we've got a practical everyday use for them. Keeping a bag packed and ready to go will let you head out the door at a moments notice to catch that last minute beach/fishing/hiking opportunity. It'd be unique to your needs, but for us, we're thinking; sunscreen, bug spray, diapers, wipes, shorts, towels, a Jimmy Buffet mix-tape, onesie, soap, and some after-sun spray

Idea 2; Keep Fun-time Equipment in the Car

This is where you can become really creative with your definition of Fun-Time Equipment! Remember, #KeepItClean folks. For us, we're leaving the tacklebox and fishing rods in the van. Being able to stop while driving anywhere gives us the freedom to squeeze in 30 minutes of unplanned river disappointment anytime we want. Your equipment could include golf clubs, soccer ball, baseball gloves or maybe just a beach towel!

Idea 3; Do Your Beer Runs on Thursday Evening

We absolutely understand that not everyone feels the need to have a cold beer on a hot Saturday afternoon...well...we kind of understand it...a little bit...not really...but we do respect everyone's right to individual choices and freedoms :)

You can substitute food, ice, rum, tents, sleeping bags or romantic novels for beer, the items don't matter! The idea is to do your weekend shopping before the weekend. We find so much of our weekend fun is chewed up by the errands of picking everything up, that we've even said 'no' to invites because the prep work just felt unmanageable before 'go time.' Think ahead, stock up, and be ready for departure as soon as you clock out!

Those are our three ideas for staying prepped so we can make the most out of summer, even though we haven't planned anything 'special'. If you're like us, you can find the 'special' in every day <3

May all you Bubbly souls enjoy the warm sun, cool waters, first swims, and late rounds that this summer offers.


J, J, & K