For Those Who Don't Love Christmas

Whether you're lacking family support, have past Holiday trauma, are deficient in Vitamin D or are simply a Grinch at heart- we often forget that the Holidays can be a less-than-jolly experience for many. Family stress and anguish can leave us feeling drained, defeated and.. well, just sad. And you know what that means?? Our self care and self love often suffers for, what we believe, to be the betterment of others. But that's the farthest from the truth. We've put together some amazing selfcare tips and tricks below! Some of you may have been told time and time again (because although annoying, you really should drink more water), and some may be so simple you never thought of such an idea. Try them out, and make sure you're kind to YOURSELF this Ho-Ho-Holiday Season.

While most are hopped up on festive drinks, fuel your body by drinking lots of water and eating good wholesome foods. Hot water, lemon and a splash of local honey is a comfort favourite by many, and is a perfect beverage to sip on cold nights.

Scent the air with essential oils that help uplift the mind body and spirit. Citrus oils are well reputed for helping ward off those pesky blues, while spice oils can help stimulate warmth and comfort on lonely nights. Diffuse invigorating Pink Lemonade for a morning perk, and Spice of Life in the evenings for a comforting ambiance. 

The blues often make it hard to get active, but once we start, we're glad we did! A boost in serotonin, added vitamin D and fresh air are all tried and true recipes for combating depression, holiday or other! A winter walk amongst the trees, a cross country ski, or a simple walk to your favourite coffee shop are great ways to grab some of that nature-inspired TLC. *Make sure you dress WARM so you can fully enjoy your winter exploration!

Writing down affirmations, and the things that you’re grateful for is a sure fire way of bringing a sense of thankfulness to your soul. Having a hard time finding ANYTHING? Start with simple things, like "I'm thankful for my home and the warmth it provides" or "I'm grateful for my bathtub, hot water, and Bubbles&Balms tub treats." Once you've written down as many as you can, go back and add on WHY you're thankful for these things. "I'm grateful for my bathtub BECAUSE it allows me to recharge at the end of a day. It allows me to soothe my achy joints, and warm my cold feet. It allows me to practice cleanliness and self care with ease." See how far you can take one blessing and watch how far your gratitude can go!

Seeing friends can not only uplift the spirits, but can give you a sense of love and belonging during, what may be, a lonely time of year. Call up some buddies and enjoy Christmas activities like sleigh rides and snowball fights, or better yet! Enjoy some non traditional/holiday fun by having a movie or game night!

A heartwarming activity year-round! But especially during times of self-doubt and loneliness. Animal Shelters and Soup Kitchens are often times always in need of volunteers, especially during the holidays when vacations are most often taken. Lift your community AND your spirits by helping those around you.

Bake your favourite dessert, put on your favourite non-holiday movie (or rerun F.R.I.E.N.D.S) for the 12th time, blast your favourite song, take an hour-long bath, go to your favourite restaurant, throw clean laundry onto the bed in a pile and then JUMP in it. Whatever makes your heart happy and healthy, DO THAT!


It doesn't sound right, does it? But really.. if your Holiday traditions involve abusive family engagements, emotional trauma, or harmful interactions at all.. SAY NO! We often feel it's our duty to go to family functions, no matter how damaging they are to our psyche. This year, say no. Easier said than done, we know. But this pressure to endure anxiety and passive aggressive remarks from family members is not something you HAVE to do if you choose not to. Take care of yourself, even if that means saying no to others. Your mental health MATTERS. 

We know the Holidays aren't always an easy time of year for everyone. We truly hope your end-of-season is filled with the most self love, self appreciation and self reassurance- sending you into 2020 with kindness, love and respect for yourself. Remember, the best present you can give to yourself, is the act of SELF CARE <3

Sending you love year round,

- Kate & Judith