Early Summer Shoreline Visits in Southwestern New Brunswick

It can be hard to create work-life balance. Owning a small business with a passionate purpose can make it even harder to balance work hours with life hours. The days can blur in a very happy routine that blends work and life in a really exciting way! 

But it can also lead to burnout and a steep imbalance in the hours of work-life. We have a few rules that help us keep a healthy balance, including every Sunday is a life day for the full BnB team. This summer, we have been making the most of our Sunday family days with local day trips to different shorelines across Southwestern New Brunswick. Here are four locations that we highly recommend;  

Connors Bros. Nature Preserve at Pea Point; 

Tucked away just to the left as you approach the runway for the Deer Island Ferry, you will find the Connors Bros' Nature Preserve at Pea Point. This was a recommendation from a friend as a wonderful site for sea glass, and it didn't disappoint. A charming 10 minute trail walk through the wood brings you to the rocky shoreline. The beach space opens to your right, limited by a high tide by our visit, so we explored the rock outcroppings on the left. We enjoyed the view and watching the ferry and fishing vessels wile away their days.

St. Martins Sea Caves;

We didn't plan well for our visit to the Caves, and arrived on a fairly foggy day as the tide was coming in. Judith snaps this photo from the car as Justin and Keira explore the first few inches of surf, finding it just a little too chilly for diving right in! We'll often visit one of the quaint shops or the onsite restaurant when visiting the Caves, but on this day, we brought a picnic and sat among the large rocks while nibbling apples and cheese and waving hello at the dogs and their people that walked past. 

Hammond River Conservation Centre; 

Baby Jack joins for the first time!! This was our first Sunday Funday with little J-man on board. We kept this one close to home, but it was still the first time we had ever stopped, gotten out and explored the shoreline near the Hammond River Conservation Centre! We had often seen the anglers, swimmers and kayakers enjoying this location as we drive past almost daily. We understand why! With easy to navigate shores, plenty of fish jumping, and not much distance from parked car to water, this was a great spot to work with Keira on fishing for the first time.

Irving Nature Park;

The Irving Nature Park was a picture perfect outing this year. The soft, sandy beach seems to go on for miles and the water is so shallow, it was quite warm. We had much of the beach to ourselves, and it wasn't long before Keira had her dress off and was swimming in the Bay of Fundy. We had no idea just how expansive this beach was. We didn't venture in for hiking through the park as Mama was quite far along in producing Jack at this point, so we got the most out of the sand and surf during this day at the beach!

If you know of a great shoreline to visit along southern NB, we'd love for you to share in the comments so it can become a cherished part of someone else's journey as well.